SARGE: Fleecing The Sheep

A kid asked me why our federal government wasn’t only stagnating, but possibly was putrefying. The answer’s easy. It’s a lazy, self-satisfied and detached people expecting government to be self-policing.  It’s like expecting the wolf to act like the sheepdog because they look somewhat similar.

Forget the fact one’s a domesticated, loyal, obedient, well-trained and integrity structured animal instructed to serve and protect. The other is a powerful free-ranging, dedicated survivalist looking to take down his next meal no matter how brutal the accomplishment. Does this describe politicians or must we continue deluding ourselves into believing all politicians only seek to “serve us” selflessly?

No government is in the hands of the people electing representatives at any level. It’ll take an armed insurrection by the people and a disaffected military before the people usurping power are fully aware their days in charge are over. Is this something I want to see? No. But it’s an increasing possibility as more and more people see how presidents can legislate by executive fiat. Congress can create legislation restricting and obviating the average citizen’s personal protections under a regularly ignored Bill of Rights. The Constitution is considered no more than a nice old, editable and historical document interpretable from its old fashioned politesse restricting the rights of the privileged to control the modest.

It’s hard to see it any other way.

As for where this all went wrong; take a look at how you do NOTHING when it comes to local government unless, you see a topic affects you because of its “obvious” racist overtones and thus take umbrage to it. People don’t band together unless there’s a chance to ally themselves against a common enemy. That could be party, race, ideology or any of a list of problems; but the controversy remains issue specific. Nobody wants to watch ALL of the ugly workings of government lest it become a reality they recognize their complicity in their own downfall.

If you participate in local government and something gets past you, somebody can point a finger and say: “why didn’t you do something?” When you point one finger at a problem to divert attention from your own shortcomings you point three fingers backward at you, folks. It’s your responsibility to control the reins of government or the damned horse will run off a cliff with you asleep in the wagon.

So; just what are you doing to patrol your own little plot of political landscape? I’ll wager you’re doing nothing.

For example: are you aware the Parish Council voted to spend over $600 Thousand dollars to install
Splash Pads in each council region? That’s one for Port Allen, Brusly, Addis and Erwinville: each. In comparison East Baton Rouge with a population of over 441 Thousand souls has ONE centralized “Splash Pad/Water Complex” located at Independence Boulevard. West Baton Rouge has a 2011 Census finding of 24 Thousand souls. Unless 12 Thousand people asked the Parish President (as he said many people did) for these things there’s no appreciable mandate to construct them.

We ask: “Why does a parish with 18% of the total population of its competitive neighbor need four times the recreational water waste produced by four “Splash Pad/Water Complexes”. The answer is obvious. It doesn’t need FOUR Splash Pads unless the parish council members minus (Mr. Barry and Ms. Naomi who voted NAY for the proposed dedication of funds) feel they can’t be outdone by their colleagues. One member said, when it was first placed before the council, if others were getting one in their districts, he wanted one in his. (It’s in the meeting’s minutes.)

Folks, that means YOU let over a half-million bucks get away. That’s over a half-million bucks can’t be re-dedicated in case of emergency like tainted water brought about by a tornado destroying a water tower. That’s $600 Thousand bucks wasted when fewer people than expected use these things and they grow rusty like all those trampolines bought and used from Christmas Day until New Year’s when the novelty just wore off.

Shouldn’t you decide how YOUR half-million bucks are spent?

Wake up! You’re the sheep being fleeced.

Thanks for listening.



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