SARGE: Full Faith And Confidence

It’s to be questioned as to whether there is a true statement of “Full faith and confidence” in the Federal Government, the Congress, the Supreme Court and the Presidency by the people of the United States. There are serious differences between the originally composited governmental entities. Now they’re all separate and far from equal except in the way they’re equally held in contempt by the citizenry.

The Federal Government is best described as a bureaucracy. It’s the bloated and self-sustaining behemoth lumbering over the rights and privileged of the average individual citizen. This faceless and unfeeling juggernaut takes the edicts and mutterings of individual presidents and moves the machinery keeps government moving in a circuitous course. This circuitous course is not designed by clear thought and purpose. It’s driven by people seeking to control through obscure diktats. It gives power to nobodies seeking validation and elevation above their pitiful standing in the community. It makes them somebodies. They become self-sustaining and self-developing.

As an example; banding together in unions creates a self-protective force more emblematic of the “tail-wagging-the-dog” these days than the other way around. Check-out the dilemma the Postal Service finds itself in to understand the point.

Congress, composed of the Senate and the House, is a “good ol’ boys club having moved from an assemblage of the dedicated and representative to the position they hold today as directive and obstinate elitists. Many make “public service” a career of such lucrative nature it assures the participants are a jealous lot seeking re-election at all costs. This destroys the concept of constituency’s representative and morphs into the elected directing the constituency. The subject directs and controls the debate; not the other way around. Congress works for the betterment of the chambers and the perseverance of the population to the point only death or retirement may change the rolls.

The Congress needs the bureaucracy to function. No member of either legislative representative can remember all the regulations, procedures and presidential edicts. They listen to bon mots necessarily spoken softly into their ears by their aides and sycophants to keep them fluid in their pretentious oratory and judgment.

The Supreme Court, the alleged “protector of the Constitution and Bill of Rights”, has come to represent the setting for argumentative debate trying to showcase the accumulated wisdom of the ages and the selection of causes celebre of the moment. Rather than follow the simplicity of Ockham’s razor, which states: “that among competing hypotheses, the one that makes the fewest assumptions should be selected”. The razor states one should use simpler theories until simplicity suffices for greater explanatory power. The simplest available theory need not be most accurate. Stringent accuracy is misleading at times. It condenses the overall law until the overall appearance is layered to the point of internal invisibility. (As an example suggesting a 2500 page document can direct health care without destructive loopholes is erroneous. You can’t easily detect contradictory verbiage creating controversy.)

This means rather than accept the Constitution, with the simplistic power of its economical and straight forward verbiage, the present justices want to not merely imprint their theories on the page of law; they want to engrave their hypothesis on tablets to rival Moses’. Their bloviated and self-evident babblings making little sense at times. It doesn’t reflect deliberation so much as immodest petulance based on their hyper-educated pursuit of truth, not as the object of pursuit, but to redefine truth in their own definition. Judicial immortality is the goal; not truth.

The Presidency is the object of desire and control. The evident power of the position attracts the least capable but most marketable to campaign based on their physical attraction, the cut of their clothing and to capitalize on the inherited guilt of a segment of society suffering self-loathing for their ancestors’ ignominy and injustice. We choose presidents not on their qualifications but moreso based on their manufactured erudition and bullspit.

See what we suffer now: insincerity, duplicity, intransigence, inflexibility and combativeness where diplomacy is the better course. But in light of this we’re expected to give our “full faith and confidence” in our government.


Thanks for listening.

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