BILL WHITTLE VIDEO: Canaries In Coal Mines

We talked about the Great Cyprus Bank Heist of 2013 here, complete with Glenn Beck’s presentation of it which was quite good. But Bill Whittle’s take is well worth a look as well, because he sees what is happening in Cyprus, and elsewhere in Europe for that matter, as a portent of what’s coming to our shores…

In our piece, we said two things which might merit repeating. First…

After all, while the Left might chuckle and assure us something like that could never happen in America, they don’t have any credibility on that score.

Because we know they’ve been kicking around the idea of nationalizing all the 401(k) plans.

You can say this is tin-foil hat stuff, and hopefully you’re right. But when Europe, which serves as the model for everything the Democrats are trying to do to this country – health care, government regulation of industry, global warming and energy policy, foreign policy “soft power” posturing, wealth redistribution and tax policy, union policy, financial regulation, and on and on – becomes septic and an alarming event like the Cyprus bank heist comes to pass, the American people have to look at what’s happening there and be concerned about what protections there are to prevent it from happening here.

And second…

But the opportunity here is the same as it was when Rand Paul took the Senate floor and embarrassed the Obama administration into conceding that no, they have no constitutional authority to drone-strike American citizens on our own soil.

Some Republican in either the Senate or House should jump on this with both feet, introduce a piece of legislation that would not only reaffirm the illegality of confiscating bank deposits or retirement accounts but make it illegal to even study such a confiscation if you’re an arm of the federal government or even an outside entity which gets federal funding.

Put the Democrats who scoff that what is happening in Cyprus would never happen here on the record. Make them vote against an American bank heist or conspiracy to effect same.

Or if they won’t, then let’s have them on the record on that as well. We’d like to know what Mary Landrieu’s position is on this. Or Mark Pryor’s. Or Kay Hagan’s. Or any of the other red-state Democrats up for re-election in the House or Senate next year.

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