Got That Right, Tebow…

Have you seen this? It’s pretty spot on, you’d have to say…

Has anybody noticed, amid all the hoopla about Jason Collins sayin’ he’s a gay dude and how courageous he is for sayin’ it, that Jason Collins’ career is pretty much over?

Jason Collins is 34. He’s been in the NBA for like 12 years. For the guy’s career, his average is…3.6 points a game.


His best year, he averaged 6.4 a game. That was in 2004-05 for the Nets.

Another guy who did a lot better when Bush was president.

Since Obama, The First Gay President (at least since Buchanan, right?), won election…this cat hasn’t averaged better than 2.0 a game. He hasn’t been an actual starter – he’ll start a game once in a while, but in terms of regularly being a starter, I’m sayin’ – in like seven years.

And he wasn’t good then.

Now he’s a free agent.

The point is, this guy ain’t gettin’ another contract. He averaged 1.1 points a game for the Celtics and Wizards this year. When you average 1.1 points a game and you’ve been in the league 12 years, you’re not gettin’ another shot.

So before you go off on how Jason Collins is a Profile In Courage because he came out of the closet as an NBA guy, you need to reckanize that Jason Collins is retired from the NBA already and he knows it. You guys just don’t know it.

Now he’s got a brand. He’s The Gay NBA Guy. Even though he wasn’t “gay” publicly when he actually played in the NBA, like the media’s makin’ him out to be.

Of course, you could flip this around and say, “Yeah, but Tebow is just as much a free agent in the NFL as Collins is in the NBA.” And you’d be right about that.

Except somebody will sign Tebow. They might want him to play fullback or tight end or somethin’ – if Tim Tebow would let somebody like Sean Payton sign him and then make him a receivin’ tight end he’d turn into a star – but he’ll get a contract. The guy’s a hell of an athlete, and even if he’s not a great passer he has value for a team.

Nobody wants Jason Collins. Not because he’s gay. Because he’s been in the league 12 years and he ain’t good.

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