SARGE: At The Altar

We must discuss modern left-wing efforts to create a collectivist state, a state where philosophy, political, religious, economic, or social programs emphasize every citizen’s interdependence  in society. Collectivism is the reverse of individualism; a state of grace I believe was allowed us by our Creator. In collectivism, God is the collective and the collective (state) is God. What the state says goes and there’s supposed to be a total, accepted sense this is the way it’s supposed to be and will be or you have a problem.

Think Orwell’s 1984.

It’s philosophically admitted all people on the planet are interconnected in principle. The Butterfly Theory states a Butterfly flaps its wing out of rhythm in Borneo and wind-currents are disrupted half way across the world when a hurricane forms in the Atlantic. (It philosophy; let it go.) In practical politics it shows clearly where one state’s actions affect others reactions: witness the latest paranoia with North Korea childishly declaring war will break out at any time if the rest of the world doesn’t do the Kowtow and accede to their demands. If North Korea does fire a nuke; we’ll fire a nuke and the world will collectively suffer the consequences. Simple social physics.

So much for the sanity of collective actions.

In social collectivism we find idealized theories believed to result in idealized outcomes. Through collectivism everybody is assumed to be equal. There is no social injustice, no economic uncertainty, no thought other than the thought developed in consensus with the group. Each member of the collective and his/her thinking carries the same weight. Allegedly this leads to true equality. The state is supposed to take the “collective will of the people”, tabulates it and delivers the collective decision to the people who will collectively implement it in practical application. Sounds cool, but it doesn’t work.

What it really presents is an overly romanticized view that ALL people will participate and deliver the “accepted” decision based on the fact the state issued you your thought process from the beginning. It doesn’t allow for free thinking, individual action, the right to balance pro vs. con or look at any situation from variant angles. It results in stagnation and overwhelming inertia in governmental activity and function. No one vote outweighs another. There is no resistance to the thinking of the state and the state works overtime at thinking about how to remain in power by directing the collective; not the individual people composing it.

Melissa Harris-Perry is the drone most recently accredited with claiming our children aren’t ours; they’re part of the collective and as such are responsible to the collective. She quotes Kahlil Gibran, the poet) as the director of her thought. That’s because she’s apparently incapable of developing one (thought) on her own. Harris-Perry believes your child’s thinking should be directed by the collective and children should follow directions issued in school and society in general. She’s a glowing example of what to expect from practically employed collectivism. Only what you agree with is acceptable or actionable.

As the schools are socialized and the curriculum is homogenized with no outside contradictory theories allowed into the equations, the collective lives on while individuality becomes unacceptable and must be stomped out by the other members of the collective. Witness when a Bee not a resident of the hive it enters is attacked by the drones without thought. It must be killed.

Being different can be punishable by death as seen in Stalin’s Gulags and Hitler’s Auschwitz. There are no tyrants ever rose to power without claiming his policies were for “the common good”. Ayn Rand claimed “horrors which no man would dare consider for his own selfish sake are perpetrated with a clear conscience by altruists (do-gooders) who justify themselves by the common good.” (Rand’s “altruists” aren’t practicing simple benevolence or charity. They believe there’s “a moral and political obligation of the individual to sacrifice his own interests for the sake of a greater social good.”). (Wikipedia 2013)

There are no collective free rides in this case; the individual must be sacrificed on the altar of social purity and organized homogeneity.

Thanks for listening.

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