SARGE: Cynicism, Warranted

“Imagined tyranny. Black helicopter group. Conspiracy nuts”. The list grows daily.

The administration insults people (citizens) seeing dangerous trends in the administration’s handling of people questioning the administration’s motivation for actions always seeming to challenge and/or threaten the rights of the people under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Politicians regularly present legislation proven to be of no value when it comes to stopping criminals from illegally obtaining guns and using them with murderous intent. These same politicians engineer their legislation to remove them from the effects of such laws. Legislators regularly abrogate the rights of the average citizen and enact laws removing rights of self-determination from the states. They place more and more power in the hands of a centralized government strategically removing itself from the close inspection of the people. The president willfully and deviously enacts divisive, controlling edicts, bypassing due process and the separation of powers demanded by the Constitution. He dares anybody to challenge him on this right he’s designated his alone and in challenge to that same Constitution.

Few legislators challenge presidential authority in these cases and then, when some do, it’s from a point of apparent insincerity or abject political impotence. The protesters may only be employing a gambit to fertilize his/her future efforts to secure their hold on their legislative employment or propel themselves toward higher office.

Cynicism is born of pessimism and suspicion. The father and mother of this term are brought together by the twin travesties of past actions and the perception of evil intent. People doubt the claims of politicians because they’ve regularly witnessed the malfeasance of certain individuals. Then they see it as a growing commonality in actions and deeds. All of this is recognized regularly in the haughty and superior attitudes of people believing they’re entitled to whatever power they can command and hold after election and gaining seniority in their positions.

This cynicism becomes evident where a ruling class has insidiously been implanted in the “land of the free and the home of the brave”. America freed herself of the shackles originally applied by an oligarchical monarchy living in absentia; we’ve come full-circle to being ruled by an oligarchical Congress, Executive Branch and a Judiciary holding members averse to adherence and recognition of the Constitution of the United States. Certain justices appear antagonistic to the tenets of the Constitution.

Can fools such as Joe Biden NOT see it’s clowns such as he made us cynical with their actions. We’re not spooked by conspiratorially theoretical phantasms making us fear our own shadows. We’re witnessing the actions and machinations of power hungry and greedy legislative implants growing necrotic and poisoning the American dream.

Daily, individual liberties are removed from the people. Idiots like Charlie Rangel (D-NY) make statements that “we’re so far beyond the Constitution now”. What that means is men like him, under the guise of public service, are helping themselves to privilege, power and self-profit. The guy wasn’t “censured” for nothing. The censure had the same power and conviction of having his hand massaged while being scolded. But, it did show his nefarious belief he’s privileged. He feels he’s beyond the reach of the people affected by his unethical and behavioral challenges.

Obama calls citizen activists “liars” when he’s the greatest liar to ever hold office. I don’t care where the man was born. It’s a moot point. But it’s interesting he’s continually hidden behind a conspiratorial failure and REFUSAL to disclose his complete resume’ and curriculum vitae stating his college grades and his associations with radical elements known to have committed acts of vandalism in violation of federal laws. He’s lied about his stances on issues and reneged on promises like every other politician.

One of Alinsky’s prime tenets is to accuse the opposition of what you are guilty of and do it viciously so as to remove scrutiny from your actions. Be loud, vile, accusatory and judgmental; but most importantly be first to do it.

Rules for Radicals © is the modern bible of the modern politician. It wasn’t written to protect American ideals. It was written as a directory showing how to lay America low.

Wake-up. NOW!

Thanks for listening.

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