SARGE: Still Packin’, And Still Ready

People ask why I carry a firearm everywhere I go, even though I’m a retired law enforcement officer. I answer: “The criminals didn’t retire when I did. I stay ready for when they come calling.”

In light of the travesty committed in the allegedly “civilized” Great Britain capital city of London; I feel vindicated in my thinking. To make my point, I ask: will Britain now ban meat cleavers and knives? Meat cleavers and knives were the weapons of choice for two Islamist murderers intent on killing a British soldier peacefully walking in public.

Britain has long had severe restrictions on the ownership and possession of firearms by its citizens. You must show cause to own a firearm. You must register the firearm. You must store the firearm in a specific fashion and its location must be known to the government.

Nobody in this publication’s readership is unaware of efforts by dumb basses such as Diane Feinstein, Chuck “The Schmuck” Schumer (and a host of other socialist millionaires seeking greater power for themselves and their oligarchic brothers and sisters) to ban firearms. They’ve sufficient funds to hire mercenaries (bodyguards) and keep them nearby at all times. They have select police forces (Capitol Police) available to protect their meandering through Congress’ halls while trying to rediscover their relevance.

You and I don’t enjoy such pricey privileges. We rely on a public service and protection community sorely undermanned, under-supplied and regularly outgunned by today’s criminals. Where were the Metropolitan Police when this young British soldier was set upon and murdered for no other crime than being a soldier in service to his country?

There’s no criticism here. The Police were patrolling elsewhere. They responded as they got the call. They used lethal force when challenged with weapons. They did everything they’re supposed to do. But, it’s unfortunate they were located on another street as this young man was beheaded and the remains of his existence was verbally desecrated by the filthy bile spouted by the Islamist Terrorists took his life.

This British soldier educated and trained to levels of excellence died in a country he never thought would have the same dangers as any he might be posted to overseas. He never dreamed he’d be so reviled as to have this happen. He was murdered in his homeland; slain mercilessly while in his country. He was condemned as being worth less than dirt because he’s doesn’t worship a political ideology masquerading as a religious faith requiring violent subjugation of all rejecting it.

He was abandoned by political systems refusing to adapt to the tectonically shifting landscape of religio-political influence poisoning the minds and hearts of people not seeing how hate can be taught as religious doctrine. When ideology trumps faith and the loving teachings of religions seeking a better life on earth and in the hereafter; it’s pollutant. Intolerance fuels hatred and defines the realities of such reprehensible teachings some see as defining truths but are really disgraceful fundamentalist babblings of people not living in the real world.

If you can attain ascension to Heaven based on your delivery of death to those you see as infidels and unbelievers, we can see no reason for us to not help you get your personal audience with Allah. Try to kill us and we’ll stop you by doing the same to you and yours. And, to the first apologist mouthpiece tries saying we really mean something else; it’s suggested you think again.

Try to kill us–we’ll kill you and yours. We follow the same rules of engagement as you. We’ll fight you to the death as dedicated compatriots. We’ll wipe you from the earth and send you packing to Allah with a pork-chop stuffed up your butt to defile you as you would us and ours. Think on that one for a while.

We’re not Islamophobes. We don’t fear Islam. We don’t fear its adherents. Pray as you will. Pick up arms against us and stand ready for battle. We despise terrorists. Just like you; we’re equal opportunity warriors seeking to stop infidels such as yourself.

Deal with it.

Thanks for listening (Oh yeah; I’m always packin’.)

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