SARGE: You Can’t Kill An Idea

You CANNOT kill an idea! And, Beaurat Obama just can’t get it. He refuses to understand Al Qaeda isn’t dead. It isn’t even seriously wounded. Because he’s worked so hard to make America a third class member of a fourth class New World Order, he refuses to see Islamic Terrorism has morphed into a Guerrilla Warfare activity sponsored and fueled by Al Qaeda doctrine and ideology.

This has happened because of our attempted placement into a world community highlighting weakness as a participant quality and defining element of the equal partnership we’re supposed to be part of. The individual becomes as powerful as the greatest nation. Organizational causes can hold sway over the rights of the many if they possess sufficient firepower; or if they work internally to attack its people and destroy like a virus attacking the vital organs of the nation. The ideology reigns supreme.

The cause is a conduit conducting the free-flow of ideological hatred and practical delivery of the venom spouted by its adherents. This Jihad has transitioned to a state of being similar to the cell phone community. It operates from individual power sources and brain trusts comprised of as few people as two and occasionally by the lone gunman. Violence of action, speed of delivery and ingenuity of assault are the hallmarks of this new style of warfare affecting civilized, national centers of the western world.

Obama keeps looking at the problem as Al Qaeda being an entity unto itself, like a club or a social organization. Al Qaeda roughly translates out to “The base”. It’s the structural foundation of the Radical Islamist movement.

By decimating the Al Qaeda leadership, Obama and his predecessors have removed ONLY 10% of the organizational leadership. He hasn’t even come near the other 90% of the participant members of the movement. You can’t get near that number (90%) because each present member is tasked with recruiting and training multiple replacements for his individual self should he be removed from the equation.

This operation isn’t diminishing, it’s morphing like a virus, changing and mutating into shapes and forms resistant to its destruction by continually developing greater and greater resistance. Its chemical composition and construction adapts to the influences being exerted against it at any given moment. It develops immunity to what once worked by changing organically. It’s a living, breathing, feeding mass bent on the destruction of all not like itself. It’s indiscriminant in its attacks. It cares nothing for its neighbors or those not of similar construct.

Obama’s refusal to address the fact Radical Islam exists is emblematic of his unsuitability to command the armed forces of the United States of America. He wants to negotiate with people espousing the right and propriety of lying to enemies to gain the upper hand in those negotiations. He wants to fetter the military with economic restraints and fiscal austerity assuring they don’t have the resources to strike with their full capabilities. He wants to assure that claim of delivering “fundamental change” to America takes place no matter the cost.

The inability of Obama and his administration to recognize and acknowledge the presence of Radical, Fundamentalist Islam is worse than the ostrich burying his hand in the sand. It’s more a matter of becoming ready to bury our people under the influence of a battle ready, violence supported and theologically authorized dementia hell-bent on the destruction of anything and everybody not in alignment with their thinking.

Obama’s stealthy and fundamentally flawed agenda has been obvious to many who were accused of being conspiracy nuts and drama-queens chewing the scenery to get attention for what they plainly saw but others denied because (“shucks, that kinda crap can’t happen here! We’re a democracy!”) was the prevalent theory.

It’s precisely because we are a democratic republic Obama’s kind of malfeasance can exist. A democratic republic with a constitution and bill of rights such as our protects the freedom of speech and right to bear arms of any and all nutcases declaring themselves enemies of our state to rise up, overthrow the seated government and replace it with one they feel works better. It’s how we became who and what we are endangers us in reference to clowns like Obama setting the agenda for how America and Americans will defend themselves.

Until fatuous clots like Obama understand and recognize Radical Islam is the enemy and Al Qaeda is only its foundational support for the agendas of individuals skulking in warm, dry shadows like roaches we’re in danger from within more than from without.

Thanks for listening.

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