THANK YOU: Jason Mattera Ambushes Robert Redford

Make a movie glorifying terrorists, then watch as a couple of kids who think a little like the heroes of your movies blow an eight year-old kid to smithereens, kill two young women and knock the legs off a dozen or so other people, and you’re going to get nice and quiet.

That’s Robert Redford, who produced, directed and starred in The Company You Keep, a little paean to the Weather Underground which has so far grossed a laughable $3.4 million (with a number like that, Redford can at least credibly deny that he’s a hypocritical capitalist). But the financial failure of the picture isn’t all Redford gets for his trouble; he also got Jason Mattera for his trouble.

Mattera’s obnoxious. We know this. But his is a delicious obnoxiousness. See for yourself…

In other lefty-asshole terrorism news, the inspiration for Redford’s movie – one William Ayers – says that what he did with bombs can’t possibly be compared to the Tsarnevs…

There is no relationship at all between what Weather Underground members did and the bombings that two brothers allegedly committed on April 15 in Massachusetts, Ayers said in response to a reporter’s question. No one died in the Weather Underground bombings.

“How different is the shooting in Connecticut from shooting at a hunting range?” Ayers said. “Just because they use the same thing, there’s no relationship

The United States is the most violent country that has ever been created, Ayers said.

“To conflate a group of fundamentalist people [in Boston] who are nihilistic in some way with a group of people who spent their lives trying to oppose the murder of 6,000 people a week … and still the killing went on. And still the killing went on. What would you have done?” Ayers said. “There’s no equivalence [with Boston]. Property damage. That’s what we did.”

Property damage? Ayers’ then-girlfriend, who was a terrorist just like he was, blew herself up trying to handle a bomb he screwed up making. Maybe she was property.

If there’s no equivalence between Boston and Bill Ayers, it’s because Ayers sucked at bomb-making and the Tsarnaevs knew what they were doing. In pretty much every other respect they’re awfully similar – both were trying to kill Americans in an effort to destroy the society on behalf of a hostile, alien and tyrannical ideology.

Of course, Ayers doesn’t exactly distance himself from the other Weather Underground turds who killed a couple of cops in 1981 when they tried to rob a Brinks truck.

Here’s the thing – we’re not going to come out and say somebody ought to blow Bill Ayers up with a car bomb, or saw his head off Al Qaeda style. We’re just saying it would be tough to vote for a conviction on the perpetrator if we happened to be on the jury.

As for Redford, there’s no particular reason to waste money or time watching any more left-wing drivel he puts on the silver screen. That isn’t just The Hayride talking; at $3.4 million, nobody else is interested in that washed-up old commie, either.

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