Tomorrow, We Kick Off @large…

…with a “Dinner And A Movie” showing of Runaway Slave. That’s C.L. Bryant’s award-winning documentary about black conservatism, and it’s the inspiration for organizing this conference in the first place.

It’s really good.

By the way, you don’t have to be a black person to enjoy the movie with us. And you don’t have to attend the entire conference. In fact, consider this an invitation…

The panel discussion should be a pretty good one. We had something of a preview of it a couple of weeks back when we had a get-together with C.L. and some of the committee organizing the conference. In fact, we shot some video from the discussion; the guy sitting to C.L.’s right is Harold Williams, who served as the president of the East Baton Rouge Republican Parish Executive Committee and who will be on the panel tomorrow night…

Lots of great insight to be shared.

Also on the panel will be our friend Wayne Dupree, who runs and who is coming in from Maryland for the conference. Here’s Wayne talking about what happened when he openly proclaimed his conservatism…

Should be a great discussion, so if you’re in Baton Rouge and you’re not busy come on down and enjoy the show.

And of course the main event comes on Friday. Here’s the agenda for the two-day event…

@large friday agenda

We’re not going to give anything away, but if you’re politically-minded in Louisiana you’ll be VERY interested in the lunch program on Friday. Because something fascinating will happen that will make local, statewide and probably even national news.

It’s going to be a really nice event, and we’re extremely proud of the program.

What it needs is you. We still have seats available, so feel free to register and come see us at the Crowne Plaza!


There are two ways that your support of @large would allow us to reach our goal of a strong and successful finish.  

Click above to register.


Your presence at the conference is very important to us.  We hope that you can make it and take advantage of the incredible speakers and their messages.  Also, you’ll enjoy some pretty awesome food!  A conference ticket is $79.




Click above to donate.

A donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated, and comes with great benefits!


Donate $25 and you will receive…

Runaway Slave DVD, autographed by Rev. C.L. Bryant


Donate $50 and you will receive…

Runaway Slave DVD & movie poster, autographed by Rev. C.L. Bryant


Donate $250 and you will receive…

An all-access pass to the conference, including the VIP Dinner on Friday night

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