VIDEO: Rand Paul’s New Hampshire Speech

Not everything he espouses is great, and he might still have a bit of political development to do. And yeah, some of his supporters aren’t easy to buddy up to for someone who’s a traditional conservative.

But Rand Paul is so far and away the most eloquent, articulate and entertaining advocate of conservatism going right now that it puts his competitors to shame.

His message isn’t exactly Reagan’s message – Reagan’s message was more suited to his time, in which the Cold War was the dominant, overhanging reality in American life. Paul’s message is suited to a time when the dominant, overhanging reality is the failure of large-scale government-centered institutions to keep up with the needs of society and the fiscal realities of the 21st century. And he delivers it well.

He’s a budget hawk who can make the numbers not sound boring. He’s a political wordsmith and a purveyor of common sense. His delivery almost sounds like that of a standup comedian, and that’s reminiscent of Reagan. It was FUN listening to Reagan speak, and that’s true of Paul as well.

This was from nine days ago, at the New Hampshire Republican State Committee. Obviously Paul chooses his speaking engagements with a degree of forward thinking. You might have seen a piece of this speech, when he talks about Obamacare and its medical codes for turtle bites and injuries sustained from contact with macaws. But the whole thing is well worth watching.

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