(UPDATED) You’ll Likely Intensely Dislike Lois Lerner After Watching This

She’s not big on accountability, and she doesn’t seem to have any problem whatsoever with the IRS persecuting people who disagree politically with the left-wing bureaucrats who populate that agency.

And she came to Congress today to let you know that she’s proud of what she’s done, she did nothing wrong and she’s going to take the 5th so nobody can challenge her assertions. She blamed lower-ranking employees for the IRS scandal, but it’s patently obvious that was a lie.

Enjoy…or not:

Via Gateway Pundit.

By the way, we ought to have some theme music for this post. Here’s something appropriate…

“I take the Fifth, I take the Fifth…”

UPDATE: Better than Lerner’s refusal to answer questions was Rep. Trey Gowdy’s response, which opens up an interesting question…

Gowdy got applause for his objection, but Issa still let Lerner out of the room, subject to recall in front of the committee in a future hearing session. That seems overly generous, for a couple of reasons. First, it would have been a great media op for the committee to have Lois Lerner there for two hours taking the 5th on question after question, particularly when some of them were innocuous. Taxpayers who have been screwed over by the IRS would have greatly appreciated it.

And second, Gowdy might well have been right. Issa could have taken the position that by making an opening statement Lerner waived those rights and then her taking the 5th could be interpreted as contempt of Congress.

Given what she’s responsible for, that’s hardly an unreasonable interpretation.

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