BUCKELS: The Tax Code Needs Amputation, Not Aspirin

For anyone who is even slightly informed about current events, the exposure of the real abuses of the IRS should be a call for drastic and immediate action.

The government establishment crowd will say, “take an aspirin a call me in the morning”.  The corrective action does start with an “a”, but it is amputation – not aspirin.  Even a former IRS Commission, Shirley Peterson, supported that as far back as July 29, 1995, in her article entitled “Death to the Tax Code” which appeared in The New York Times.  Since her article this tax code has been given an aspirin more than 10,000 times.  Feeling better yet?

Why does the Democrat establishment like the aspirin approach?  They know the attention span of most of the electorate is so short so that by “appearing” to correct the problem the public attention and public ire will eventually go away.  Then the sacred cow of big government; the IRS, and more specifically the IRS Code, will continue to be used to grow government revenue and direct the daily activities of individuals and private businesses.

One of the biggest impediments to change is “K “Street.  Many of the huge lobbying firms that earn hundreds of millions dollars protecting and creating tax advantages for their clients are located on “K” Street in DC.  And actually, I recognize the need and applaud their efforts under the current tax code.  It is a fact, however, that much of their income may disappear with the amputation of the tax code so we may find an aggressive lobbying effort to maintain the current complexity.  That also means they will donate to candidates who will continue to support the current federal tax code.  Follow the money.

But on the bright side, Louisiana Congressman Dr. Charles Boustany is a co-sponsor of a bill that sunsets the IRS Code.   By having a date certain that will delete the entire tax code, Congress will be forced to write a new code that should be simple, flat, and fair.   As a leader on the Ways and Means Committee, Congressman Boustany is well positioned to lead the effort for complete tax reform.

This initiative alone means we must direct our entire efforts to the 2014 US Congressional elections.  In fact, that is more important than who will run for President in 2016. The consequences are profound.  By ending the US Tax Code not only will we stop the social and political engineering abuses of the IRS but we can slow and perhaps stop the implementation of Obamacare.

The voters of Louisiana may actually have a powerful voice in determining the life or death of the federal tax code.  Not only is Congressman Boustany working to end the tax code but Congressman Bill Cassidy is working for the same objective.  That is vitally important because Dr. Cassidy is also running for the US Senate seat currently occupied by Senator Landrieu.  Does anyone think Senator Landrieu has any interest in ending the US tax code?

If Republicans win back the Senate (which they can) and maintain the margin in the US House (which they will), what was once thought of as impossible has a fighting chance.

OK, let’s say we do then elect the right people and the amputated tax code is lying on the bloody political floor with a date certain on which it will expire, what then?  Well since we would be in the amputation mood, let’s discuss replacing it with a code that completely severs the income connection between government and our employers or our small businesses.  Either of two new tax systems could accomplish that, a national retail sales tax or a truly flat Federal income tax.

Regardless, amputate the current US Tax Code completely and quickly.

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