Hey, Sen. McCain, How Do You Square This…

…with this?

Because John McCain voted against Sen. Thune’s amendment that would have required the border fence be completed before any of the amnesty stuff McCain wants would take effect.

This is what’s known as lying to his constituents.

It’s not hyperbole to say that John McCain is the biggest problem the Republican Party has. He’s in the Senate attempting to bully his fellow Republicans into voting against their supporters back home in favor of an immigration bill that will fundamentally alter the demographics of the country in ways that would make this a leftist country.

When McCain isn’t working on that he’s doing his level best to get us involved in a war against Russia in Syria.

After all, who was it visiting the neckchoppers and cannibals among the Syrian rebels a couple of weeks ago?

This guy is the very embodiment of The Stupid Party. He does damage on a fairly consistent basis, and he’s getting worse with Lindsey Graham following behind him to parrot all the stupid things he says.

But what’s just as bad is that McCain isn’t being rejected, publicly, by the rest of the Senate’s Republicans. He’s treated as some sort of elder statesman, and because he is he gets to present himself as the voice of the GOP on these suicidally moronic policy positions he takes.

What’s needed is for not just Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul to step forward and declare McCain doesn’t speak for them. What’s needed is for practically all of them to do so. Aside, that is, from Graham and Kelly Ayotte, who are lost.

That no one is doing this is an indication, and probably a misleading one, of consent to have McCain rush to microphones and pin policy positions on the GOP which are both unpopular with the general public and infuriating to the party’s conservative base.

Ten years ago when McCain attempted to do these things he would be called out for it. His friends in the media would rush to defend him as a “maverick,” and pretend that he had gravitas. That was bad enough. Now, he bloviates about immigration and Syria and his colleagues stay quiet while he drags the party further into the tank.

The people of Arizona had the chance to put this old fool out to pasture three years ago and failed. We’re stuck with him until he leaves the Senate on his own, probably in a pine box. At the very least, though, can he not be called out as a gadfly at the back bench?

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