Whatever You Do, Don’t Google ‘Miramonte Elementary Taste Test’…

…but in case you do, I can guarantee you will not forget what you find.

For those of you who can resist the temptation to do the forbidden search, we’ll just describe the story found therein as a classic tale of public-school depravity taken to logical (illogical) extremes, coupled with the completely foreseeable consequences once a teachers’ union gets involved.

And the result is a recipe for the worst way imaginable to make an easy $40,000.

No, we’re not going to link it, or link to what’s going on with the case currently. You have to find it for yourself. If you dare. Or if you’re crafty.

But don’t. Your immortal soul is worth more than the price of a Google search. You wouldn’t want to get Berndt on a case like this.

Here, watch this instead…

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