SARGE: Another Blowout

We have another rig blown a gasket in the gulf. The Hercules Offshore rig had a blow-out causing 44 workers to be evacuated without known injuries. The company and the Coast Guard have taken steps to contain the Natural Gas discharge that’s causing a “sheen” on the water’s surface and a continuing fire as this is written.

So, now that the Sierra Club has had a little time to think about it; will they be pushing for more onerous restrictions on drilling in the gulf? Will Beaurat Obama place a moratorium on drilling on planet earth and drive gas and oil prices upward steeply because he’s too stupid to recognize we need the XL Pipeline to help shore-up our energy production and needs? Will some droid from the EPA demand we stop using fossil fuels because it messes with his or her complexion when those evil pollutant elements glom onto their Botoxed faces? Will Al Gore’s head explode? (Let us pray.)

Stay tuned America! The enviro-nuts will soon be on the march. Because this; THIS! will be the next great crisis allowing Beaurat Obama to divert our attention from Obama’s malfeasance and incompetence.

Okay. So now that the rant’s over, what needs to be done to prevent this type of thing in the future? After all, this is the second blow-out in the gulf in the last week. Two in a ten day period is significant and needs addressing: NOW.

Instead of immediately jumping to the conclusion more legislation needs to be passed to shore up the flagging popularity and reputation of such luminaries as Mary Landrieu and Cedric Richmond (who only knows it takes gasoline and oil to make his “hooptie” cruise); I’d suggest the government start enforcing the rules and regulations already lying dormant on bookshelves in the Library of Congress.

Maybe, just maybe, if the government tried the incredibly novel approach of being rid of some of the redundant, contradictory and onerous regulations already on the books, we could more safely ensure the safe operations of the various oil producers around the country. There’d be fewer inspectors needed providing efficient industrial oversight.

It would also be nice if the thieves and liars in congress quit accepting campaign millions across the board and stopped letting the industry write the legislation “controls” them.  They foolishly believe we don’t recognize as self-serving and unenforceable the paper-waste they produce. It would seem there could be less pollution produced (and fewer rain forests killed) if congress would just try not to be so obvious in their lack of personal productivity. We’re not stupid: we know what a conflict of interest is.

We repeatedly have congressmen and senators admitting they don’t know what’s in the legislation they’re pushing. All this crap is produced by people involved in the industries congress claims to hold power over. It’s a fraud perpetrated against the best interests of the American people. We never get what we’re paying for from people like John “Flipper” McCain and his buddies on the left.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand: the blow-out in the gulf.

Questions to be asked are: how old is the rig? When was the last “break-down” inspection conducted? (This is when all systems are checked and inspected to assure they are in compliance with extant regulations.) Was this done by third parties? Are the crew members regularly re-certified in their positions? When, or more importantly; why not? Are safety and production standards conducted at a level indicating mastery of tasks involved or are there shortfalls need addressing?

Questions of this nature align with the actual needs of the companies involved and the American people supporting petrochemical exploration and production.

This concerns more than paying dividends to investors. It concerns establishing an efficient and practically oriented petrochemical industry capable of producing the energy needed by our growing populations, composed of both citizens and industry.

In closing for the moment, I’d suggest Ms. Mary and her band of Merry Menschs hold off on demanding more legislation as is feared she’ll do soon enough. Maybe congressmen need to take a look at losing some of the dead weight the regulatory agencies are carrying in their libraries.

Thanks for listening.

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