SARGE: Christie Stands Against Rand

Chris Christie, New Jersey’s Republican governor, was elected with great fanfare. His stand against blind acceptance of union pressure and its ability to pressurize candidates and incumbents is legend.

Then, after Superstorm Sandy, Beaurat Obama came to town pandering as usual about the rapid and comprehensive response the region would see coming from the Federal government, Christie literally embraced the fraud and proclaimed Obama was doing an outstanding job. Christie’s adherents found this declaration and subsequent slowdown of aid and material/monetary support to be less than stellar. The outrage was apparent.

The betrayal appeared duplicitously out of character. Conservative purists screamed at the infidelity occurring in this romance the people and the governor once shared. A shadow fell across Christie’s popularity. He’s faced the controversy head-on as is appreciated for its consistency. But it’s hurt him and his conservative credibility.

Christie was the darling of the Republican Party. He illuminated the political stage like a new spot light so the cameras could see how responsive the crowd was to the actor on-stage. Now he’s showing very serious political flaws. One problem: Christie’s creeping Progressivism. He rumbles and snorts derisively concerning Rand Paul’s stances on political issues and the Libertarianism they spawn from.

The Patriot Act is a noble but sadly flawed piece of legislation. While it tries to protect us it does as much to aid the goals of the terrorists as it does to combat them. The Patriot Act, as most legislation of this sort passed in times of stress, has elements endangering the rights of innocent citizens. It slices away at constitutional freedoms guaranteed under the Bill of Rights.

The First Amendment is constantly being whittled away at by incumbents, thinking they’re the only true government, trying to censor anything they find unflattering and controversial.

Ask James Rosen of Fox News. The private communications of the members of the Press are being monitored without probable cause.

Search and Seizure laws are being violated with questionable probable cause stated and warrants issued in secrecy against individuals. The Third Amendment was violated when a Henderson Nevada Police Swat team arrested a family for refusing to allow the Swat Team to covertly surveil a suspect’s residence in the area. Drones are being employed to photographically “shotgun pattern” areas to discover suspected criminality and develop Probable Cause after the fact.

The Patriot Act was enacted in a time of extreme stress and perceived danger. It was meant to fight terrorism. It was not meant to have an elasticity allowing it to cover all acts the police believe to be criminal. It was meant to enhance, not create, already available probable cause to elicit a proper warrant for arrest.

There’s too much room for abuse by paranoid people seeing terrorists skulking behind every sheet hanging on a clothesline. There’s also too much room for self-aggrandizing and narcissistic politicians to use the law as an excuse to clamp down on dissent when it’s directed against them. Big government engenders big contempt and even bigger fears for America’s future.

Christie’s thumping Rand Paul for his libertarian stances. Christie said: “These esoteric, intellectual debates — I want them to come to New Jersey and sit across from the widows and the orphans and have that conversation. And they won’t, because that’s a much tougher conversation to have.” He also said: “The next attack that comes, that kills thousands of Americans as a result, people are going to be looking back on the people having this intellectual debate and wondering …”                                                                                                                                           Politico 7-26-2013

I’d suggest Christie spend some time with Holocaust Survivors or citizens of Cambodia under Pol Pots’ regime concerning the excesses of government serving only itself and its constituent members. He might want to check out former citizens of the formerly communist East Germany concerning the Stasi’s surveillance abuses. It’s a delicate balance being sought. It’s a delicate balance being ignored by those abusing it in favor of State Security.

This so-called “esoteric, intellectual debate” is what defined this nation. It was the esoteric and intellectual conversation, arguments and debates of guys like Franklin, Jefferson, Adams (both John and Sam) and Monroe caused the Bill of Rights to be emplaced to protect the individuals from big, oppressive government. They displayed the intensity of their fears of government abusing individuals, and potentially the people, as government grew without restraints.

In an age when we need to be protected from the intrigues of foreign elements, it becomes more and more evident daily we need protection from the intrigues of politicians seeking greater power and control over those not members of government.

Paul’s libertarianism is no more than the national conscience’s cry that governmental conduct must be monitored and controlled by the people.

Thanks for listening.

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