California Democrats Are Sabotaging The Bob Filner Recall Effort

You really do have to be impressed at the creativity and ruthlessness employed by the Left to protect their scum-of-the-earth politicians.

For example, here we have Bob “Filthy” Filner, a pervert who can’t keep his hands and tongue off the employees of the San Diego mayor’s office he squats astride. And it’s known for months, if not years, in Democrat political circles how depraved he was.

And after it became impossible to keep a lid on Filner’s sexual assaults on his employees, the Democrat Party out there has not only failed to push him out of office but is doing its level best to keep him in power.

This is some brilliant skullduggery…

Stampp Corbin, a close Filner ally and publisher of the LGBT weekly in San Diego, has filed a recall notice to recall Mayor Filthy Filner.  Corbin was the first to mount a recall effort when he published a notice in the San Diego Union Tribune on Friday.

Corbin says he’s not hiring staff to process the recall effort. It would need close to 102,000 signatures to force a recall election. So it’s pretty obvious he’s not seriously interested in recalling Filner; he’s sitting on the pot so nobody else can use it.

By triggering the recall process on July 25, and without much fanfare, Corbin appears to be taking time away from organizers to mount a proper campaign. And it calls into question whether another recall effort led by land-use consultant Michael Pallamary, who has given Filner until today, July 29, to resign or face a recall petition, can now go forward.

The problem here is that California recall procedures give a 60-day window to process a recall; three weeks to organize a recall effort and then 39 days to collect the required amount of signatures, with a potential 30-day extension.

And to file a fake recall means blocking anybody else from mounting a similar effort for six months.

Corbin got called out for what he’s doing, and denied it…

A community activist said Saturday that the leader of an effort to recall Mayor Bob Filner told her his real intent is to undermine the original effort to remove the mayor from office.

Susan Jester, a well-known figure in the LGBT community, said publisher Stampp Corbin described his plan to start his own recall drive as “Chicago-style politics.”

“He bragged to me that it would be a way to stop the group getting ready to file” their own recall drive, said Jester, president of the Log Cabin Republicans of San Diego County. “He said, ‘It occurred to me that it would derail the other group.’”

Corbin, publisher of LGBT Weekly, hotly denied the accusation.

“No! I did not say by launching my own (recall) it would derail the other group,” Corbin said Saturday night. “I said I want to bring this to a close quickly, so the city doesn’t have to go through this. I think she misconstrued what I said.”

It’s pretty brilliant stuff. The people doing it ought to be tarred and feathered, but it’s brilliant.

It’s unknown whether it will work, as a poll out today says that 67 percent of the folks in San Diego want him gone.

Hat tip: Ace of Spades, who had a good take on it…

The national media completely refuses to report on this angle. As I’ve said one thousand times, the media template for a Republican scandal is “Culture of X enables Y crime,” but the template for a Democratic scandal is always, “It’s just One Man’s Failing (TM).”

The dog will not f***ing hunt. The local Democratic Party, the State Party, and Nancy Pelosi’s California caucus in DC all knew or must have known about this and chose to cover it up. Even now Democrats seem to be scheming to help Filner, while they supposedly call for his resignation publicly.

George Will noted that if Filner and Weiner were a Republican the media would be lecturing us on the “somber sociological” roots of the GOP’s War on Women.

Yet here’s an actual war on women — with a Democratic city councilwoman serving a chief witness — and they, as usual, embargo the story, just like the did with Kermit Gosnell.

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