SARGE: Is This As Good As It Gets?

Friday was a bust. Monday was no better.

The political scene’s in a state of repetitive cycling with little happening of interest. Obama’s still behaving imperially while planning his next “vacation” to Martha’s Vineyard.  Congress is still mired in its deepening depression because it suffers from low testosterone levels (they could be subterranean right about now) showing in the fact they haven’t even made a real attempt at any legislation since ObamaCare was shoved up everybody’s colon.

Democrats are grabbing as many headlines as possible while trying desperately to look as though they’re outraged by: “IRS-gate”, Benghazi, NSA and all of the other alphabetized bullspit been going on since last year. Egypt’s still in flames.

Anthony Weiner got caught showing his wiener to an allegedly appreciative audience of allegedly nubile young women seeking electronic sexual satiation in the digital sense (interpret that as you will). Bill and Hillary Clinton are incensed because Huma Abedin (Weiner’s wife) is drawing attention to Bill’s past peccadilloes while Hillary’s stomping the ol’ campaign trail. (It casts a pall over her morally superior sacrifice when she “stood by her man” after he got caught having lip-service paid him by various White House staff members). Now it’s said the Clintons want “l’il Weiner” cut off from any further allusions made to Wiener’s wife “suffering” the embarrassment of betrayal. Everybody knows nobody can match the suffering Hillary’s suffered; just rerun the Benghazi tapes.

The government’s facing another crisis of apocalyptic dimensions while the latest congressional “chosen child” screams the sky is falling and the government will “shut-down” unless more money is printed. Ben Bernanke is telling us we’re getting fiscally better while taking miniscule, stuttering steps forward. It doesn’t matter the entire world monetary system’s based on theory and not a measureable/quantifiable inventory of a precious substance like gold, silver, petroleum etc. As long as you can print money and get people to accept it’s got some value; you’re doing okay. Joblessness hasn’t shrunk all that much as self-serving statistics are continually bandied about as though they really mean something. Republicans are touting less regulation and greater industrial freedom.

John Boehner has masterfully played a game of “you show me yours and I’ll show you mine”. His performance is as flaccid as Obama’s but the man has a neat and spiffy rumble in his voice; even though he says little to nothing of any real substance. Mitch McConnell sounds good at the microphone but looks more like Mr. Peepers than Rambo. Unfortunately he’s involved in a campaign so he’s easily distracted.

This presidency is one of the most contentious and least productive administrations in American history. It’s relatively worthless to continue decrying the divisiveness of the main players and their ability to speak volumes while saying nothing. For a commentator, the performance being laid out is akin to a “Cluster Futz” with no pivot man. There’s no hope of change, fundamental or otherwise. Each side sucks in their performance.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are trying to stir up a counter-strike for the infamy happened to Trayvon Martin before and after the trial of George Zimmerman. The money keeps pouring in from white people wanting to show their “solidarity” with their brothers and sisters in chains (?). Jackson declared Florida an apartheid state and Stevie Wonder won’t perform there anymore. Sharpton “organized” protests in a hundred cities and his money keeps getting heavier at the bank. George Zimmerman is rumbling about suing NBC for sculpting the reportage of his statements given to a 911 operator after the shooting. Trayvon’s mom is canvassing the country while trying to get “stand your ground” laws repealed nationwide.

Meanwhile, random attacks by blacks against whites in the street are being blasted across the conservative media universe and ignored in the lame-stream media outlets. This leads to accusations of negative and prejudicial news coverage designed to favor one party or the other. Who would have suspected?

Business as usual situation is boring. So, do what I do. Get a cup of coffee and sit back. It’ll get no better because Americans keep electing the same people to office.

Thanks for listening.

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