SARGE: Conservatives Know

After the most recent post I accomplished, I have to admit it’s difficult to find good subject matter to address.

The political programs issued by two, only slightly differing political parties don’t allow for a great deal of “new” thinking or dissimilar approaches to stale subject matter. Case in point: conservatives know of and protest the leftist, socialist leanings of a Congress inhabited by Democratic Party/Progressive elements seeking to move America to a Socialist (if not Communist) government.

So what? The Republican answer to the question is only slightly less Progressive than the Democrats. America has a choice of death by atrophy as recognized in Congress’ inertial degradation of the reason it exists (to produce representation and legislation beneficial to the people) in favor of partisan arguments and bloviating; or it can die through lazily accepting principles and legislation insidiously voted into law without contest by those most affected by them.

The Republicans are no more than Democratic Party Lite.

Conservatives know this isn’t a good thing if individual liberties are to be maintained. Conservatives know the Constitution isn’t so much a living thing open to developmental programs changing the world, as much as it is a statement of successfully working ideals allowing man to succeed with individual, personalized efforts. Conservatives know the greatest growth in this country was realized when strong individuals, empowered by an American Dream allowing personal development, worked, failed, re-initiated their efforts and won the success they sought. The State CANNOT produce individual success. It engenders and accepts mediocrity as an acceptable standard. This is history, not theory.

Communal participation was based on supporting the efforts of the entrepreneur by buying his products or services. In order to accomplish this, the community knew it must be a full participant in the industry by acquiring employment, earning a salary and spending that salary in the community. This strengthened the community and the realization hard work produced solid benefits drove the development of a national identity as well as a personalized set of goals to be pursued tomorrow. Conservatives know all of this.

But Conservatives also know there is NO specific example in world history where Marx and Engels theoretical little manifesto succeeded. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was a misnomer and a falsehood. There is no republic where ONLY one ideology reigns. There is no individual liberty to pursue excellence and succeed. You can only go as far as the State says you can go. The opportunity to advance beyond the precedent caste system becomes stunted and in most cases negated.

Why try harder if there’s no greater reward than to see somebody with no production record as substantial as yours gain identical rewards? Why try harder if you don’t progress? Why produce greater crop yields if your share is shrunk to support the stagnancy of a corrupted populace feeding off of your efforts when they produce nothing? Nothing showed the debilitating effects of collectivization more than the Collective Farming experiments of the USSR under Stalin. Famine became reality as farmers passively/aggressively produced less, rejecting the culture of the indolent sucking sustenance from the public coffers and granaries. Society broke down. The people saw the government didn’t represent them in reality as much as it represented a theoretically benevolent state claiming a level of care they never produced. Only war produced economic “growth”.

The Bourgeoisie (according to Marxist theory, this social class owns the means of producing wealth and allegedly exploits the working class) was supposed to be replaced by the Proletariat (a social class comprising those who do manual labor for wages). Instead of equalizing the people it created a different caste system relegating everybody impotent in their efforts to change their prospects. Only the chosen few, the elitist, moved forward. The individual became faceless in a political land of fun-house mirrors. Individual excellence was pushed downward until protest was silenced. The entrepreneurial spirit died a slow death. The individual human spirit paled from the vibrancy once known to the dulled gray and sallow countenance historically observed in socialist states.

Conservatives know this. Conservatives need to keep patiently getting the word out properly.

Thanks for listening.

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