SARGE: Feeding The Eagle

Bob Schieffer, a man I once placed in the ranks of such luminaries as Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley and Eric Severeid as well as others, finally pulled his head out of his butt and took a look around. In a copyrighted commentary during Face the Nation, Schieffer lamented the United States’ failure to stand its ground as the preeminent world leader best known for its ability to lead “by example”.

Bobbo; (May I call you Bobbo, Bobbo?) Oh, never mind. I’m going to do it anyway and you can just get huffy if it bothers you. You and your colleagues bother me by being the reason America has slipped from the heights you claim we’ve deserted. You wore away the headland we once stood upon. I blame you as much as you seem to blame American government for this slack we’ve been exhibiting on the world stage.

Yeah Bobbo; I blame you.

The past few administrations you’ve delighted in lambasting conservatives and their efforts to control a government running amok and growing way beyond its capacity for limitless spending and Progressive political chicanery. You Bobbo (and your cohorts) have removed yourselves from the responsibility to observe, report, and expose governmental excess when you found it. You’ve absented yourselves from the requirement of impartiality. You’ve stood flat-footed in the muck of Progressive expansionist politics. You’ve championed the give-away programs designed to salt the larders of legislators in it only for themselves. You’ve shown your prejudices for the Progressive government model taught in the civics classes you attended at the ivy covered halls of higher learning.

Higher education is supposed to ennoble the human experience and strengthen it with philosophy to help balance the thinking of statesmen; not limit and direct a myopic visionary into the tunnel narrowing his understanding of what he sees as opposed to what exists.

You, the sleeping sentinels at the gates did that. The guard dogs have sated themselves from the feedlot of impious legislative hustlers plying their trade to special interests. The dogs of war we once let slip no longer cry “Havoc” among the unrighteous but slobber and lap the hand that feeds them into insolvency and uselessness.

You Bobbo, and yours, have lost the Mastiff’s bite and are more akin to the ancient and toothless wretch sleeping beneath the porch. Where once you struck fear in the hearts of those who approached without permission or were caught doing wrong; you’re seen more now as a pot-licker than a fearsome war-dog awaiting the next sortie into the face of battle.

Bobbo, you and your buddies looked at the most recent charlatan and proclaimed him the modern Prometheus. You saw the fire Prometheus offered, and the manner he defied the gods to supposedly give fire to humanity, and said among yourselves: “It is good and we must help him in his act enabling progress and civilization”. You saw him and witnessed his intelligence, heard him sing with a melodic, Socratic wisdom and honeyed oratory. He became your champion of humanity, though he had no history of good deeds, you said; “they will come in time”.

But as yet the good deeds are unknown and the controversy created by Promethean hubris, both yours and his, is evident now. Now, when the damage is done, you’d bind any nebulous and indeterminate corpus to the rock, where each day an eagle, Zeus’ emblem, should feed on his liver. You forget it’s you should suffer as Prometheus because you sang his praises without knowing his character. He challenged Zeus with a track record no longer than 304 days long.

How does that represent the character and accomplishments of a man seeking leadership of the greatest nation on earth? It doesn’t (and it couldn’t have) without collusion from a Press freed of its responsibilities by their own avarice to be among those who shape the world as we know it.

Bobbo, you should be ashamed of your betrayal of the trust placed in you and those like you. For your weakness and insecurity leading you to bask in the reflected glory of a false god, you’ve been condemned to feed the eagle.

Thank for listening.

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