SARGE: The Pastel Press, Revisited

(The Zimmerman case has been settled with a “Not Guilty” verdict being rendered. Now Al Sharpton and Ben Justice of the NAACP (The National Association for the Advancement of Crippling Propaganda) are pressing for “Double Jeopardy” by hectoring the already seen to be racist controlled Department of Justice under Eric Holder to bring charges of violating Trayvon Martin’s civil rights. We’ll watch to see the results of this in the future.)

Yellow journalism is the practice of seeking out or creating sensational faux-news created for the purpose of boosting a medium’s circulation, or demographics. If such stories are difficult to find, the medium makes comparatively innocuous news appear sensational through the usage of commentary, exaggerations and/or scandal-mongering.  In light of the existence of such faux-journalism, the allusion is drawn to the human waste product URINE: n. the yellow colored waste product secreted by the kidneys. It’s slightly acid and discharged through a designated conduit.

Some say this is an apt representation of the reportage offered by commentator/pundit/journalists such as: Chris Mathews, Rachel Maddow , Al Sharpton, Alex Jones and arguably Geraldo  Rivera’s product in that the represented “news” is reported with an obvious prejudice toward the political, financially beneficial and/or socially acceptable leanings of the reporter. They all directly derive a profit either monetarily or in terms of employment reputation and demographic coverage.

CNN, MSNBC, as well as other network, cable/syndicated political pundits on both ends of the political spectrum don’t merely report the news; they “slant” their reportage to reflect their political and social leanings. Now they’re developing and manufacturing the news in a manner potentially affecting the freedom of a man on trial for having killed a young man he says attacked him and placed him in fear for his life. This harangue of interpretive speculation of testimony concerning the presence of witnesses and their demeanor while giving testimony acts as a pseudo-expert testimony in itself.

When it’s done before the trail begins, it criminally/morally sits astride the fence separating people from their prejudices and ability to level judgment. The jury pool becomes polluted by commentators masquerading as experts.

When this is done during a trial it’s terrible and misleading in its direction toward a point of view the commentator wants to be seen as acceptable. Societal actions, riots, demonstrations and racial disturbances are being threatened should there be an acquittal presented.

Judges such as Jeannine Pirro, Andrew Napolitano and Alex Ferrar offer interpretations of events based on their expertise and past employment as Judges in elected jurisdictions. But lawyers such as Nancy Grace, (and others) who was formerly employed as an assistant district attorney, have conducted themselves combatively, argumentatively, accusatorily and hyper-moralistically when they interview subjects in an effort to elevate their demographics and gain advertising for their “news shows”.

There is nothing new to this type of journalism. It originated at the end of the 19th and early 20th century when William Randolph Hearst told his reporters/photographers to “get me the pictures and I’ll get you a war”. He was referencing creating a war with Spain. In fact he did just that. Hearst sold newspapers by the thousands and then the millions as he sensationalized the alleged atrocities committed by the enemy (Spanish governed Cuba). “REMEMBER THE MAINE!”

The problem is this type of journalism is ALWAYS destructive to society. Pulitzer and Hearst and other “muck-rakers”, along with their “yellow journalism” were the catalysts causing people to accept Progressivism. People were harangued and goaded into believing the United States was at a continual and worsening point of “crisis proportions” and “only big government could fix it”.  They believed it.

To look at Congress and the reportage delivered at the hands of the people aforementioned and others emulating them and it’s easy to see the genetic development of media since the 19th Century. We now have disinformation masquerading as news reporting broadcast at the speed of light and presented before the people in a space of a heartbeat. It’s breathtaking to perceive. Look where we are today.

Dante Alighieri described the levels of hell in Dante’s Inferno. It appears the practitioners of yellow journalism deserve the ninth level reserved for traitors. These traitors are distinguished from the “merely” fraudulent in that their acts involve betraying a special relationship of some kind i.e. the special trust given them to report news in an unbiased, integrity-laden and honest manner. Those who mislead the public so that they can sell papers, magazines, air time, advertising or just to further their personal agendas should expect to take residence through eternity on this level.

Thanks for listening.

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