SARGE: Nothing Changes

After a week spent pretending to be as useful as I was when I was twenty-five, my sixty year old butt determined the fallacy of the thought and the reality of the fatigue. I spent a week playing laborer for a professional carpenter and his helper. Any thought I had of my continuing suitability for extensive manual labor was smashed along with one thumb, several scraped shins and a set of aching back muscles I’m sure were stretched beyond repair.

But! The once dreamed of extension has been successfully added to my house and I now have an enclosed living space allowing for me to store more junk efficiently; for the moment. In a manner similar to the federal government under Obama I’ve addressed a project.

Unlike Obamacare, my project is complete and should stand the test of time or until one tornado appears whichever comes first. It seems while I was busy workin muscles long ago left to their own designs (and they chose atrophy and destruction over continual exercise) it seems the world blew up.

Egypt started imploding with Cairo’s Tahrir Square the flashpoint for another coup and Obama decided (all by his little old lonesome) to delay the implementation of Obamacare because the plan was too contrived for the FEDS to figure out how to implement and enforce in the limited time he set.

It figures doesn’t it? A man with limitless rhetoric and severely limited qualifications to lead, fewer people skills and limitless inability to play well with others could stand by while every possible test of his competence could well-up, like a tsunami of circumstance, and reject taking the test because he didn’t write it. It seems Obama never met a challenge he couldn’t ignore and minimize.

First we’ll look at Egypt. The balloon went up (again) and Obama heard a “wee small voice” (it wasn’t Hilary) telling him to make a statement that the embassy in Cairo was well protected. Good Beaurat; very good! (Here’s a cookie.) But, he’s very cagily refused to denounce, or renounce, the government as insincere and incompetent as his own as led by the Muslim Brotherhood. The people overthrew them and their repressive regime. But, Obama won’t call it a military coup because then he’d have to stop sending money to the Muslim Brotherhood. This would mean they might not be able to efficiently fight the average citizens backed by the military as they were in the first uprising deposing Mubarak.

Obama’s always supported the Brotherhood. He has aides and agents of this group assigned to policy making groups inside American government. These people are the ones responsible for planting thoughts in such gullible political hacks suggesting we NOT place the photos of wanted terrorists on wanted posters because it might be interpreted as racist, Islamophobic and could be used for racial profiling. Have you ever heard such stupid statements issued by members of Congress? Oh yeah; they say stupid stuff regularly; it’s almost a requirement from what I know of John McCain’s and his good buddy John Kerry’s speeches and stances on issues.

So, we now see how ineffectual and inept Obama’s been when faced with international crises.

But, when it comes to protecting his pet project Obamacare from being dissolved in the acid test of public acknowledgement and understanding, we see a veritable lion of the veldt charging forward to stabilize the program. He said he could, without consulting Congress, reject enforcement of the plan because it was too complex to enforce in such a short time allotted. Obama doesn’t have to enforce laws unless he agrees with them.

Question: who was the moron set the time limit in the first place? Who still doesn’t know, because he hasn’t read, the contents of the over two thousand page law? Who delegates, without understanding the mechanics of the process, so much to lobbyists, aides and moon-puppies basking in his reflected glow, to get jobs done that have no basis in reality beyond he wants to prepare for the next election?

You win! It’s Obama and his merry minions.

As much as the world progresses, some things never change.

Thanks for listening.

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