SARGE: Taking A Stand On Different Ground

Elvis has left the building. But have no fear Trayvon’s passing has taken its place in the annals of redundant, sensationalist press coverage.

This is no longer about the death of a young man. It’s about people capitalizing on the death of a young man. This is no longer about the alleged racism of the “white, Caucasian” who pulled the trigger as his head was being slammed into the concrete.

Beaurat Obama said 35 years ago he could have been Trayvon. This is highly believable. Obama was a dope smoking, cocaine snorting charter member of the “Choom Gang”. He was radicalized as a child in Indonesia. He was outspoken on social issues. We have no evidence of any discrimination against him.

Come to think of it, we have NO evidence of what Obama’s life was like in his youth. He had his records sealed by court order so we couldn’t know about any possible “irregularities” in his youth. The subject’s taboo; much like Trayvon’s life and actions in society, in school and in the dead of the night when other people couldn’t protect themselves or their property.

Obama could have been Trayvon 35 years ago. The shadow cloaked agenda is another case in point. What was Trayvon’s real purpose in turning back to engage George Zimmerman? Did Trayvon challenge the man because he felt threatened? Or, did he challenge the man because he wasn’t going to be followed by a Caucasian and held accountable by anybody he saw as a threat to his agenda and/or his manhood?

Youth is when we explore and challenge our boundaries. If we have an intact home with parents teaching morals and ethics and showing us our place in society, we grow in one direction. If the male influence is absent or is emotionally distant and removed, we seek the strong influences, guidance and leadership of men we respect for their appearance as leaders. Young men always seek to impress their elders so they may ascend in the male hierarchy. It’s a fact based in biology and the social sciences of cultural anthropology and sociology. Throw in race and the assumptions raised by theories of injustice and racial denigration and you have what appears to be racial conflict.

Sometimes older children mentor the younger. Older teenagers in gangs, in social groups and in neighborhood assemblies take on the role of counselor, teacher, tutor and advisor. The quality of that tutelage and guidance is always suspicious. Obama was raised by a single parent seeking self-approval for her liberal leanings. Love is blind, but her liaisons were always connected to people with socially progressive viewpoints no matter their race. These viewpoints mirrored her tutelage at the knee of her Marxist father and Communist mother. When the time came to pass Obama’s upbringing to her parents, there was a continuation of the progressive, Marxist teachings in the household.

Prove me wrong.

Obama fell under the sway of Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers and other such luminaries of the violent radical left. Learning to politic (which is synonymous with lying) was easy. It was a plank in the platform stood upon while preaching Marx’s gospel. Obama worshipped at the altar of men like Ayers, Davis and later, Jeremiah Wright.

Yes. It’s a relatively easy thing to draw statements of equivalence, or at least close proximity to the young man left dead that night. Obama learned a variety of tactics leading toward the destruction of and fundamental change of the governmental, political and social structures of the United States. Trayvon learned Mixed Martial Arts, a particularly violent form of fighting going back to the Pankration of Ancient Greece. Pankration was a violent blend of boxing and wrestling but with scarcely any rules. He positioned himself to rain blows downward on Zimmerman.

It’s a highly effective assault tactic.

So, we can see how Trayvon and Obama are so similar. They’ve fought without regard for standard rules. They learned their skills as a form of emotional self-defense after being raised in fatherless homes. They have no ethics beyond what THEY alone accept as right and to hell with anybody challenging them. Nobody will challenge their claim to manhood and self-advancement and survive. Neither individual, nor a complete nation will stand in their way. Trayvon Martin was stopped by a person refusing to be a victim.

When will you recognize Obama sees you the same way; as a victim? When will you stand your ground and prove him wrong?

Thanks for listening.

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