Weiner Finished Off His Political Career…For This

Yeah, this is a real news flash: that guy Weiner is a sicko.

Y’know this Sidney Leathers chick that Mayor Horschack was sendin’ pictures of his lil’ Vienna sausage to? Well, she got it in her head – which is kinda empty, by the way, as she’s a “liberal activist” and they don’t make a lotta smart ones in that group – that because Weiner found her on the interwebs and promised her he’d get her a pad in Chicago where he could play 50 Shades Of Gray with her and whatnot…

…that somehow she’s hot.

She ain’t hot. Here’s a pic of her before Greenpeace showed up and pushed her back into the ocean…

It rubs the lotion on its skin. Or else it gets the hose again.

Somebody from the New York Post thought it’d be a good idea to fly this heifer out to California to run a photo shoot. Actually, they were right – it was an awesome idea.

If this don’t finish Weiner off, nothin’ will. And the Post can take credit for it.

He’s shot his wad fa sho.

Politically speakin’, that is.


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