Neil Riser’s Big Online Mistake

Go ahead and hit the link for, and see what you’ll find. A hint – it’s not what the Riser campaign is going to want you to see.

The Louisiana Democrat Party can do almost nothing right. But when they’re given this easy a layup, they’ll score. And they have.

There’s a great cautionary tale to be found here, and not just with respect to politics. Any endeavor you want to engage in should begin with making a list of all the possible web domains that not only would you potentially use for your endeavor, but which people searching for your project might enter.

And then making sure those domains belong to you, and forward to whatever site you’re using for that endeavor’s online home.

The Riser folks didn’t do that, and they got burned.

Riser’s campaign website at still has a splash page, a signup form and a “donate” link. The Democrats have a bit more material on their Riser site, including this not-all-that-creative, not-all-that-informative, but nevertheless rather inconvenient video trashing the “deal” Riser is accused of cutting with Rodney Alexander, Bobby Jindal and Timmy Teepell to concoct a special election very favorable to his candidacy for Alexander’s seat…

That video would have been a lot more effective if it had actually presented a bill of particulars about the “deal,” but it does just enough to throw dirt on Riser.

Meanwhile, Riser has two Republican opponents in Jay Morris and Clyde Holloway who will do nothing but hammer away at the “deal.” Holloway was at the GOP state central committee meeting railing at the unfair quality of Alexander resigning his seat to take the position as Jindal’s veterans’ affairs secretary rather than serve out his term and allow for a full campaign to develop, and repeating his line that “This thing stinks.”

The Democrats will continue to delight in spreading that dirt, though even with public disapproval of the “deal,” they don’t have a candidate capable of beating Riser in a runoff.

But when Riser doesn’t even own the “Riser For Congress” site, it’s a mess.

Worse than that, we just went on GoDaddy and bought up,, and There is NO WAY these domains shouldn’t already point to

You can’t drop the ball like this. You just can’t.

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