SARGE: Crossing The Rubicon

Crossing the Rubicon” means to pass a point of no return. Julius Caesar and his army’s 49 B.C. crossing of the river was obvious insurrection. He threw a gauntlet into the face of the Roman Senate and uttered the famous phrase; “the die is cast”. The rest is history.

As Caesar had his army’s loyalty the Senate knew resistance was futile. This is highly reminiscent of Obama’s belief he can command compliance with his diktats with impunity. The biggest difference is America’s Bicameral legislature doesn’t allow him the total loyalty of Senate and the House of Representatives. And, as the House controls the purse strings of the government, Obama has a problem Caesar couldn’t obviate with the display of the army’s collective swords. Caesar uttered the famous phrase; “the die is cast” and the rest is history.

Now Beaurat Obama is fast approaching his Rubicon in the sense of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA or ObamaCare). Soon the “exchanges” necessary to initiate funding for the program will go into effect. With 26 out of 50 states (not 57 as Obama said he toured during his initial campaign) refusing to develop these “exchanges” the Federal Government will be forced to foot the bill where the states were expected to do so. That means you’ll possibly be paying for the medical care used by people not even remotely living near you. These are the same states refusing to accept expanded Medicaid programs. Nobody knows for sure exactly how individuals will be affected in a state by state basis.

Obama has selectively been granting delays and exceptions to the rules of the ACA to those parties and organizations closest to him and his political base. Congress and its employees are exempt from entering the pool of “single payer” requirements. Single-payer describes the financing plan where one entity acting as administrator (a government run organization or “payer”) collects all health care fees, and pay out all health care costs. In the single-payer system, all hospitals, doctors, and health care providers bill one entity for their services. This is the definition of a “tax” as was found correct by Chief Justice Roberts. But Roberts never addressed the fact this tax originated in the Senate and NOT in the House of Representatives where it is required by the Constitution to be drafted, passed and then enacted after approval by the Senate: not the other way around.

Unions are up in arms because they didn’t read the ACA and its thousands of pages of confusing and linguistically arcane legal terminology away from the “fog of controversy” as Pelosi said. She didn’t even know what was in the thing so a semi-literate talking-head/thug like Richard Trumka surely didn’t understand the ramifications of the act. Trumka and his colleagues at the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) really believed a master socialist politician like Obama wouldn’t double-cross them. They’ve written letters of protest and fully expect to be absolved from participation in Obamacare because the costs will cut into union coffers at an unacceptable rate. The union leadership could face an internal insurrection among the rank and file members. This could endanger their lucrative careers as organizers and mouthpieces for the sheep they demand pay them way more than the average member could ever hope to earn.

They forgot the axiom: “all loyalty ends when the check clears.” Obama cashed that check both times he got it; once for election and once for re-election. Trumka never saw it coming.

To say politicians have feet of clay is obvious. But nobody wants to accept Beaurat Obama is a politician. They want to believe he’s the messiah promised in scripture going back the Habiru, the believed root culture of the Hebrews. This belief goes back thousands of years and the Hebrew are still awaiting the messiah’s arrival. So where does the American public get the belief Obama is that messiah?

It must be a union handbook of by-laws defines messiah for them.

Obama’s approaching his Rubicon and yes, the die has been cast. It only remains for the dictator (Caesars’ title) to enter the floor of the Senate, face the people who stand with newly freshened eyes and daggers in hand and suffer his personal Ides of March.

Good luck with that Barry. You’re gonna need it.

Thanks for listening.

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