SARGE: Rubio As Remora?

In an appearance on WFLA’s “The Morning Show with Preston Scott ©” in Tallahassee, Fla., Marco Rubio said “I have been saying now for over a year I believe that this president is tempted, will be tempted, if nothing happens in Congress he will be tempted, to issue an executive order like he did for the DREAM Act kids a year ago, where he basically legalizes 11 million people by the sign of a pen,” Rubio said. “We won’t get an E-Verify, we won’t get any border security — but he’ll legalize them. So what I have tried to do is come up with as best as possible, given who controls the Senate, a way to start this conversation to at least address some of these issues because it only gets worse as times goes on.” “Daily Caller (8-14-2013)

Let me see if I understand this properly: because Obama may employ his favorite tool, the Executive Order, to legalize 11 million illegal aliens, we should pass irresponsible legislation accomplishing the same end? Should we slash our own wrists because the guy has a scimitar he’ll use to slice his way through our protests?

Rubio is showing his backbone’s elasticity with his willingness to accept anything Chuck “the schmuck” Schumer advises. Rubio’s planted a big, sloppy wet one on “the schmuck’s” hindquarters and drawn suction expecting to go along for the ride. Rubio’s more like a Remora than a Lionfish. He accepts and subsists on the scraps gleaned from his contact with the host. He wants a reputation as being bi-partisan.

Bi-partisanship in this case is more a sell-out and capitulation than anything else. So now, as this debate stumbles toward the finish line of a race long since ended because the final contestants took months to reach the finish line, we have Marco Rubio stuck to Schumer’s necrotic character like a leech.

Rubio burst onto the national scene when the Republican Party wanted to appear relevant. The Republican Party needed to step away from its stuffy autocratic reputation and accept racially recognizable candidates who’d lure minority votes to the party. Rubio’s advance was seen as a form of “coming out party”. It looked like a debutante’s premier before the adoring masses voyeuristically seeking a prettier face to represent them four to eight years in the future. He was as demure as any Scarlett O’Hara could hope to be, deflecting commentary about his “obvious” appeal as junior Senator from Miami’s “Little Havana” enclave.

Possessing a radiant smile rivaling a magnesium torch and an ability to offer erudite, cultured speeches on the senate floor, he fast became the darling of conservative organizations hungry for a candidate who was without appreciable reproach. But, soon the veneer began staining; its plated appearance began to flake away.

The real story of his parents’ immigration history was controverted. He backtracked on his statements. His polished appearance tarnished more. The bloom left the rose.

Now Rubio, with his Desi Arnaz good looks and polished public presence, is recognizably manning the “second banana” role Arnaz filled to his more powerful and obviously more talented wife Lucille Ball. Rubio is playing Ricky Ricardo to Chuck “the schmuck” Schumer’s Lucy and “THE Dick” Durbin’s Fred with John McCain as Ethel Mertz. Rubio’s designs on the White House are crumbling with conservatives not drinking the Republican Party Kool-Aid®.

Arizona’s Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels issued a blistering indictment of Rubio’s knowledge of the illegal immigration problem and border security. Dannels said: “I say to myself, ‘Rubio, you’re making decisions for me, for my state, for my county, my city when you haven’t even been here – what an insult, what do you know about our border?  You know nothing about our border. Yet you’re making those decisions without even speaking to us.”

Rubio’s taken a well-positioned stance in the shadows of one group of immigrants accepted as oppressed “expatriates” escaping from Cuba’s communist regime. The illegal immigrant populations crossing the southern border are opportunistic economic refugees seeking the benefits of heretofore lax labor restrictions and a porous border. Rubio is being shown as NOT knowledgeable of all Hispanic cultures; especially the criminally motivated.

While Rubio is of Hispanic ancestry, claiming he knows all there is about all Hispanics coming to America is akin to a Doctor of Philosophy claiming qualifications to conduct brain surgery. After all, the PhD is a doctor, right? Now Rubio claims the amnesty he formerly rejected is a necessity to gain ANY controls on future illegal immigration, as though that tactic’s worked in the past.

Rubio’s rose is wilting as his spiritual leaders; McCain, Schumer and Durbin are pruning the plant of any apparent conservative greenery.

Thanks for listening.

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