SARGE: The Blood Of Innocents

Is Obama the guy that was going to scuff out the imprint of America stamped almost irreducibly into the soil of foreign affairs across the globe? Or, is this the America Obama is fundamentally changing with his schizophrenic re-defined diplomacy? Is America a harridan forcing her ideals on all of her audience?

Now that “No-balls Obama “has suffered sufficient criticism from his left-wing supporters crying crocodile tears for Bashar Assad’s poor, innocent victims. (C’mon! You’ve been thinkin’of callin’ him that name and now I’m sayin’ it!) They’re seeing the unexpurgated photos of dead children littering the streets of towns too small for CNN and MSNBC to normally visit. These are the same dead children initially ignored when the Syrian Civil War started. Now he’s going to address the red-line he said he wouldn’t allow Assad to cross: the confirmed use of Chemical/Biological weapons against the rebels.

Somebody must have explained in little words the red line he said Assad couldn’t cross isn’t from one of his kid’s crayons. His incompetent, gutless, confused inaction led to the revelation the red line is composed of the blood of innocents.

Up until this point Obama has worked this presidential gig like he was born to lead. In reality he’s no more qualified to lead this nation than a raw recruit trying to figure out how to move the chess pieces so he won’t lose anything personally in this intercontinental tragedy called Conflict Intervention. His fear has been unnecessary; most of us never respected him in the first place.

Obama sat on his hands because he doesn’t want people seeing his thundering oratorical drivel and proclamation of his determination to have a real impact on any problem is an outright lie. Obama’s claim he is more qualified concerning foreign affairs and diplomacy than all others has flown back into his face like spitting into the wind. He’s got his lies and duplicity all over his face and it shows he’s clueless as to where he should stand on the world stage.

This might have been handled successfully if the United States led the United Nations membership in applying greater efforts to stop Assad’s genocidal actions. But, America, under Obama has become “thoughtful” and reticent and displaying a discretion bordering on feckless impotence. Before Obama America instinctively knew what was right. It was based on a moral structure developed from a relationship with God. Most ethical and patriotic people learned their moral principles at the knees of an elder. Ethical action was a necessity; not a debatable discourse conducted as the bodies piled up.

The garbage was started by philosophical ethicist isolationists during FDR’s administration. The refusal to intervene before 1941 directly led to the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor. Only when American blood was spilled did anybody recognize that evil does exist in this world and debating with Hyperion won’t save King Cassander no matter the sincere logic composing the basis of the plea. (See the movie: “The Immortals”©.)

Obama’s stripped America of its prestige and standing in the world community. Obama has nowhere else to lay the blame. This is HIS administration. George Bush left a legacy Obama’s managed to waste and deplete to the point of moral insolvency. America, under Obama, has come to be viewed, not with respect and awe as it once was, but as weak, morally insolvent and acceptant of any odd-ball theory and socially progressive notion the next weirdo brings down the pike.

If it’s stupid, practically impossible to implement successfully and makes us look ignorant and gutless: Obama’s for it. The Syrians are getting a full dose of his incompetence right now. If he’d done something earlier it might have been effective. Now Russia and Iran warn us against intervention. It’s a threat seen to be wearing an armored glove.

While Obama’s sat on his hands, people thought he was trying to prevent a wrong move, a diplomatic mistake producing tactical errors he’d politically regret later. In truth he’s hiding the blood of the innocents he has on his irresolute and unskilled hands.

Too little too late again, Obama. Will you return that phony Nobel Peace Prize now?

Thanks for listening.

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