The Miracle Of Bourbon And Its Effects On Writers’ Creativity

I’ll confess that there is much truth in that headline.

No, I will not identify which of the better posts at the Hayride have been produced with the aid of the blogger’s version of PED’s. You’ll have to guess at that, though the more perceptive of you can likely do that without making a hash of it.

Instead, I direct you to Jeff G.’s outstanding example at Protein Wisdom yesterday

Anybody know what a mint julep is?

Turns out, its just a sprig of mint muddled with crushed ice and a tea spoon of sugar, then a whole shitload of bourbon atop it.

I felt all Southern aristocrat last night, so I tried one. Or ten, if you’re going to nitpick. But honestly, how dare you judge me!

Anyway, I’ll be back later. Nap time. Followed by a half-dozen 7-11 chili cheese dogs.

Before I re-pass out, though, my political advice for the day: if you see people with an Obama bumper sticker on their cars? Ask them for your fair share of whatever is in their purse/wallet and glove box. 40% is good. Though if it’s over $100 in total value, hold out for 50-60%. Tell them 3% of that goes to autistic old people forced to live in areas of high CO2 pollution. Like, houses. Or around people. Or, artificially, inside green houses.

If they decline to hand over the booty, call them Biblethumping racists who think you were born in Kenya. Then donkey punch them in their 1% and key the shit out of their stupid Volvo wagons.

For equality.

It’s liberating, trust me. Even if you aren’t drunk on Mint Juleps at the time.

The downside of the miracle of bourbon is that while your wit, humor and perspective spikes with its moderate use, those qualities also crash upon the onset of the inevitable hangover.

And there is little worse than fighting hangover-induced writer’s block with breath that stinks of old Booker’s or Maker’s Mark.

Which is why there aren’t many “enhanced” posts on this site.

There are some, though.

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