VIDEO: Mark Levin Does A Book Signing On Long Island…

…and what you’ll see here is the line.

The Liberty Amendments is the No. 1 book in the country at present both on Amazon and on the New York Times list. It’s the best work on conservative activism to come out in some time – proposing 11 constitutional amendments and the holding of a limited convention among the states under Article 5 of the Constitution to debate and propose them for ratification.

And Levin’s amendments are aimed at restoring the original balance between the federal government, the states and the individual which has been lost amid the progressive erosion of the limited-government structure we’ve seen since the rise of what ultimately became the modern Left in this country.

Things like a 12-year term limit imposed on service in the House and Senate. A 12-year term limit for Supreme Court justices. A Congressional and state-legislature supermajority which can overturn and thus check Supreme Court rulings. Allowing the states to band together to overturn legislation and regulation from DC they oppose. Returning selection of Senators to the state legislatures. Capping all taxes on income at 15 percent while banning any effort at a federal sales tax. And several more.

Many of Levin’s amendments are more structural than ideological. He stays away from social issues, instead proposing systemic changes which would move power back to states and local governments. Doing so restores some of the greatness of America; namely, the fact that each state has something of a separate culture and individual Americans are free to choose the states which best reflect who they are.

The book is resonating with the public, and it’s a matter of time before adoption of them becomes a cause for conservative and libertarian activist groups. You’re likely to see that emerge this fall – and based on the reception at Levin’s book signing on Long Island earlier this month, it’s not a bad bet that participation will be significant.

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