Absolutely Nobody On The Republican Side Should Be Influenced By This Man…

…and yet it’s seemingly impossible to get him off the TV.

John McCain equates “Allahu Akbar” with “Thank God.” He thinks they’re the same.

When was the last time a homicidal Christian loon stood up in a military cafeteria, shouted “Thank God” and commenced to spraying down everyone in the room with bullets?

John McCain was a war hero who suffered at the hands of the North Vietnamese, and we should all give him credit for that. In fact, we have – he has lived the privileged life of a U.S. Senator for a quarter-century.

And in that tenure, he has been an unmitigated disaster.

People in the know on Capitol Hill will tell you that John McCain became the “media superstar” he is because he was the Republican that lefty reporters could go to for dirt on his colleagues on the Right. McCain has sandbagged fellow Republicans for decades.

John McCain opposed drilling in ANWR for two decades because he and Ted Stevens didn’t get along and McCain didn’t want Stevens to have a deliverable for the folks back home in Alaska.

John McCain has cut deals with Democrats countless times to produce horrendous and mostly unconstitutional legislation, some of which (McCain-Feingold, for example) has passed.

And now, John McCain is busy carrying water for Barack Obama, who beat him in one of the most disastrous elections in American history, in order to gain support for one of the most nonsensical policy mistakes in modern American history.

The people of Arizona have failed to remove him. The Republicans in the Senate lack the courage and political skill to marginalize him.

And it’s rank-and-file conservatives and Republican voters who pay the price for the media making McCain out to be the party’s spokesman on military and foreign policy matters, when he represents a very small minority of the party and almost no one in the conservative movement.

John McCain is a cancer on the party. When he and Lindsey Graham are finally gone from public life the Republican Party will instantly be in better condition.

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