Oscar’s Farks O’ The Week, Shut It Down Edition

They’re gonna have one o’ those federal gummint shutdowns this week because Obumble and that Senate dude who looks like a pedophile wanna stuff Obamacare down errybody’s gullet.

Which is fine by me. We don’t have much gummint down here in Barataria Bay, and when we do it usually means somethin’ bad has happened. I’m kinda like Pavlov’s pooch – I’m conditioned. Gummint means somethin’ bad. Shut down the gummint, ergo errything’s fine.

Simple, really. Besides, maybe a shutdown will give us less of this guy…

Obumble was on the phone with that Rougarou guy who runs Iran over the weekend, negotiatin’ over that Christian pastor guy they’re beatin’ the stew out of erry day in that jail they got.

But he don’t negotiate with terrorists like John Boehner.



So today’s the last day before the wheels come off…

And yesterday the Senate didn’t do nothin’. Nobody knows what Harry Reid was up to.

Well, almost nobody knows…



And then there’s this…

…which is kinda interesting. How come nothing in Obamacare is voluntary? How come those exchanges aren’t voluntary? If they’re such an awesome service, that is.

Oh, because they’d lose money? Huh. So they’d lose money in the free market, and we gotta force people to use ’em.


Works like this…

Meantime, Obama is busy tryin’ to sell this mess to the public…with cute animals.

That ain’t a nutria. Maybe it’s a hamster.

It’s not a lemming, is it?

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