SARGE: Death From Within

There’s a T-shirt on the market depicts a skull gazing upward in a look of woeful supplication over crossed forks as though begging for mercy from above. The display acknowledges military field rations and is captioned “Death from within.” Anybody ever dined on the cardboard box encased rations issued to field personnel recognize what the sentiment is as opposed to what’s really desired. The food in the box is sustenance, pure and simple. NO gourmet would confuse the contents of that box with a bill of fare offered at a classy New Orleans Bistro.

But a gourmand would. Gourmand refers to someone who is often excessively fond of eating and drinking. This differentiates from a gourmet. A gourmet is a connoisseur: someone with refined tastes in food and drink. “The gourmand is closer to glutton Gourmand and gourmet are… words with distinct meanings in the bulk of their use, and are likely to remain so.” (Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of English Usage-1994)

America, the greatest nation on the planet, has been told by a two-bit, tin-horn Communist throwback we aren’t exceptional. The only problem is it’s difficult to discern whether it was Vladimir Sputum or his hand-puppet Beaurat Obama.

Oh, yeah. I remember. It was both. One’s a totalitarian oligarch and the other is a… uh, I guess; the same thing?

It was recently written in a posting called Cui Bono (Who benefits?) Islamists are profiting from American oil payments and are using those dollars to subsidize and adversely sponsor revisionist history, the present reportage of the news through broadcast and print media outlets and are insinuating Islamist dogma and educational efforts into the curricula of the modern American educational system.

Please recognize, outside of parochial schools specializing in the passage of years of religious tracts and teachings known in the religious community for millennia, you can’t teach religion in the public classroom. That is unless you’re an Islamist.

You can’t pray in the classroom. You can’t have the Pledge of Allegiance recited if you don’t remove the phrase “under God” from the recitation. You can’t teach Christianity, Judaism, Taoism, Hinduism, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. But, under the guise of “cultural studies” you CAN begin the indoctrination of the young toward accepting Islam as a viable religious/cultural conversion point.

Islam wants Sharia Law to be used when applied to Muslims. Modern, secular rules of law derived from Judeo-Christian historical treatises aren’t acceptable to Muslims. They require judgment as handed down from the mind and mouth of Mohammed. Only Mohammed’s law counts for them. And they feel it should be used to judge you as well.

There’s only one problem with accepting Sharia Law in place of the Law of THIS Land. Under Sharia, you’re an infidel, a non-believer and as such guilty before you may plead your case. Under Sharia you will be judged and given the chance to convert from your infidel tinged religious convictions or you’ll be judged as unclean and as such readied for severe punishment, slavery or death.

Don’t believe it? Read the Qur’an. It’s an enlightening experience. And the seriously scary part of all this “Thousand Year Plan” mentioned in “Cui Bono – who benefits?” is the reality so many Americans are taking a laissez-faire attitude toward the direction their world. That world is turning through a surreptitious and insidious insinuation of ideas and ideals foreign and abhorrent to American ideals and our constitutional government. American society is now more a cultural gourmand (glutton) than when it formerly was a gourmet (someone with refined tastes…) appreciating the heady fragrances and taste of freedom and personal liberties. This is because of moral laziness and apathy. It appears many Americans don’t care what’s put on their plate for them to ingest, digest and shoot out like so much waste and by-product.

The thing bothers me is our brother/sister citizens sitting in the “cheap seats” (not paying attention or just too lazy to care) will be the ones accepting Islam as the Vietnamese peasants did in the mid-1970s as Saigon fell.  It was a matter of severe fatigue and a defeatist attitude seeming to proclaim; “Life goes on” no matter who adjusts the yoke keeping them shackled and pulling the state’s load.

The Vietnamese are still alive and seemingly doing well at this time. But, they’re still shackled in a yoke directing them to pull somebody else’ load aren’t they?

Wake up! That’s not the sweet aroma of roses coming from that septic tank known as insidious, Radical Islam.

Thanks for listening.



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