SARGE: Noblesse Oblige

As usual, the messenger is being fired on like Custer looking for a campsite at the Little Bighorn. Senator David Vitter (R-LA.) has called for a floor vote on his bill to effectively end exempting Congressmen and their staffs from having to pay for their participation in ObamaCare.  These people would receive a healthy subsidy financed by tax-dollars.  They would become the only people to gain these subsidies. For this, Vitter is being attacked personally and legislation drafted against him for his past admission of inappropriate activity. In an act of obvious spitefulness, Senate Democrats drafted legislation to embarrass Vitter and divert attention from the fact Obama exempted these people for political gain by directing attention to a 2007 prostitution scandal involving Vitter.

This hypocrisy is almost funny were it not for the fact Bill Clinton still directs Democratic Party efforts for Obama even though he’s known to be a perjurer and was impeached unsuccessfully; Mark Sanford lied to his state’s population and came back to win election as a Representative. Mr. Rangel suffered (not enough in my humble opinion) for finance discrepancies and inappropriate business dealings benefiting from his position as a seated member of Congress. We know others are guilty of the same activities but haven’t been exposed as yet.

Sooner or later, these people are going to have to be forced to get their heads out of their nether regions and get back on task recognizing they’re employees of the American people and not demigods seated on a higher plane.

It’s to be noted Congressmen of both parties, in an ever demonstrated practice of noblesse oblige (the inferred responsibility of privileged people to act with generosity and nobility toward those less privileged) tried preventing the more experienced lower-level bureaucrats from walking off the job. These people keep the juggernaut American political enterprise has become lumbering forward. The recruitment and training of replacements would arguably staunch the flow of useless and business obstructive regulations and laws hindering America’s growth. Lord knows the majority of the Legislators have NO idea of how government works where it pertains to directing the paper so it has the greatest impact on the American people.

Because of the fact the already employed personnel might feel themselves to be suffering financially and some might say paying a penalty for government employment, Beaurat Obama pressured the Office of Personnel Management to interpret the law so it would retain the congressional benefits and subsidies.  The action shows just how cruelly Congress and its subservient cronies will fight for the privileges they feel separate the government from the peons (that would be us).

Employers are poring over the applicable regulations and laws to find ways and means to keep people employed without cutting profits ensuring the viability of the business to survive. Something has to be sacrificed to ensure the company even exists after the penalties and taxes are assessed to fund ObamaCare. But, because of the greed of the Congress for selective votes and patronage of those they employ; Congress and their employees have been given a pass.

Vitter and Senator Mike Enzi of Wyoming, say everyone working on Capitol Hill should buy insurance through the exchanges — without taxpayer funded subsidies. They also say White House officials, employees and political appointees employed by the Executive Branch of the government should also be required to obtain health insurance through the exchanges.

Politico © (in copyrighted material) said certain Congressional leaders demanded retribution against anybody voting for the Vitter/Enzi bill by removing the congressmen from their rights to federal health subsidies. In an effort to pinpoint the light onto Vitter, other legislation would remove subsidies to any legislators or aides having been found to engage in the solicitation of prostitution.

It’s obvious the powers that be are running scared they won’t be able to maintain their support of cronies keeping them in power. Americans demand every piece of legislation apply to congressional members of the government whether elected or employed by those people elected. It’s only fair.

To do any less is a denial of everything the original signatories of the Constitution felt to be the foundation of America’s belief in justice and equality for all.

Thanks for listening.

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