SARGE: Obama In The Pit?

One must only look at how the British conduct their legislative business to appreciate the birthplace of American democratic process. One only needs to witness the manner in which Congress conducts America’s legislative business to ask the question; just where in hell did it all go wrong?

Prime Minister David Cameron was forced to appear before the British Parliament and explain why he believed Britain should authorize spending billions to risk British troops while intervening in what essentially is a civil war in Syria. Cameron lost the debate: the equivalent of losing the parliamentary war. What’s the upshot of it all? America may have to go it alone.

The point screaming for recognition is this: can you imagine Beaurat Obama stepping into “The Pit” (as I would call an especially constructed chamber housing both the House and Senate for this purpose) and being forced to debate his support or lack thereof for any major piece of legislation affecting the United States of America? The effect would be monumental.

Obama wouldn’t be allowed a Teleprompter® or a concealed ear-bud so his speechwriters could prompt him on topics under consideration. To be fair, Obama wouldn’t be alone having a problem with this. Politicians today don’t do their own topical research and development.

Legislation is drafted by special interest groups (lobbyists) who then brief Congressional and Senate staffers on the salient points the special interests want proffered and stressed. Complementary Representatives or Senators bring their sponsored legislation for debate into their respective chambers. Then they move the debate to the media where it’s either accepted or rejected by media mavens wanting to assist in conducting governmental processes and thus, the conduct of American history. (I dare you to prove me wrong!)

If the legislation is a favorite piece of dogmatic phlegm to be dribbled by the president or it’s a slobbering cause celebre’ of the president’s adversaries will determine the tenor of the campaign waged. The president is a dogmatic cheerleader more than the peoples’ representative seeking advantageous legislation supporting their present and future growth.

In America we have “Executive Privilege”, a special procedure hijacked by early presidents and rammed into the mold creating precedent  because constitutional interpretations have varied dependent on the reading and stress placed on diction, punctuation and the personal “beliefs” of examiners as to what the original constitution draftsmen  meant when they wrote it. It seems logical (when debating constitutional points 200 years after the fact) you should remove your thoughts concerning the originators true meaning. There’s no way you can channel the personality or life experience (let alone the hopes dreams and aspirations) of people DEAD for two centuries. You can only accept the letter of the law as it’s written at that point and make your findings known after deliberating whether the act is in compliance with the Constitution or it’s not.

It would be interesting for the president to, on a regular basis, debate the strength of his convictions on issues and defend his thinking to assure the people most affected by the legislation, have representative government. Representative government is NOT what we have now. We have an oligarchy (or small group of people) governing/controlling a nation for their own purposes.

David Cameron lost the first Parliamentary vote for a war resolution since 1782, when parliament accepted American independence and voted against further fighting to crush the colonial rebellion. This was because he couldn’t justify any further incursion into another nation’s internal conflicts for no other reason than to promote Britain’s ideals. Obama and every future president should take note.

The same needs be done in America. Our President (no matter Democrat or Republican) should face the people and debate, justify and prove beyond reasonable doubt their facts supersede the assertions of detractors and opponents. He shouldn’t hold a non-responsive press conference to say what he’ll do and then bypass Congress. He wasn’t hired for that. He was hired to enforce the laws written by a representative congress. He isn’t the sole leader of America. We have NO monarchy.

The way it goes now in America is demagogues act as demigods when they’re merely ideologues seeking personal power.

Thanks for listening.

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