Boy, Howdy – How Right Is This Quote?

“America is in a constitutional crisis as well as an economic crisis. The problem is not just Barack Obama. It is the entire Democrat party, which has been taken over by Marxists (that is a literal truth and not just hyperbole), and which caused and continues to perpetuate both crises.

The constitutional crisis is that President Obama will not follow the law. He regularly makes up the law rather than administers the law as written. He abuses the powers of his office, effectively seizing the power to rule by decree, announcing new laws or changes in the law that he has no power to make. This goes on almost daily now. Will Obama follow the law now in taking any military action against Syria?

But worse is that the entire Democratic Party is supporting Obama in this effective coup d’état, with nary a peep of any protest regarding such presidential abuse of power from any Democrat quarters. Instead, it is clear that the Democratic Party embraces what Obama is doing, and would vigorously defend it if Republicans and conservatives ever managed to mount a serious challenge to this presidential abuse of office.”

That’s from Peter Ferrara, who led off a piece reviewing Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments with such prose.

Ferrara approaches Levin’s proposals from a supply-side economics perspective, and pronounces them sublime…

But a virtue of any workable Balanced Budget Amendment, Levin’s or any other, is that it renders Keynesian economics unconstitutional. Keynesian economics holds that the key to promoting economic recovery from any downturn is to increase federal spending, deficits and debt. If that sounds nuts, that is because it is. Borrowing or taxing a trillion dollars out of the private economy to spend another trillion dollars back into the economy does nothing to promote the economy or economic growth overall on net. Counting dislocation effects of the intervention, and/or the negative incentive effects of higher taxes, the result is actually an overall net drag on the economy.

Maybe that is why Keynesian economics never worked to pull the economy out of the Great Depression, which is what it was invented to do, nor has it ever worked at any other time, in America or anywhere else. Those who believe in Keynesian economics do not do so because it is logical or has been proven to work. They believe in it because it justifies what they want, or what the politicians want, which is increased spending, deficits and debt, avoiding the burden and political negativity of imposing higher taxes to pay for the increased spending.

Keynesian economics is consequently just an abuse of democracy, as well as academic freedom, and the First Amendment when it is publicly advocated, morally deserving of harsh punishment for such sustained abuse. I myself would favor public flogging of the more abusive Keynesian advocates, such as Paul Krugman. But just making their views unconstitutional would seem to be a reasonable, civil compromise.

Read the whole thing. And then read Levin’s book. Conservative ideas on government hold sway with the majority of Americans, who think of Washington as something akin to a giant abyss threatening to suck us all in. The reason those majoritarian ideas do not hold sway in Washington, as they do in the majority of the states, is that the federal government has become unmoored from the constitution. And Washington cannot fix itself. It must be fixed from without. Yes, electing uncorruptible congressmen and senators will improve the situation, and electing someone less corrupt and lawless than Barack Obama president would be wonderful.

But to limit Washington’s power the states must act. And Levin’s is the most significant effort for a framework of such action presented in modern times.

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