SARGE: The Crying Game

The only people still believing in John Boehner as a conservative leader are masochists grimly clinging to each new, rumbling, inert, senseless or apparently insensitive press release just because they’ve sat through many godforsaken years of this rubbish. They cling to an irrational sense of duty to discover what new level of betrayal can be executed against Conservatism in the name of blind loyalty to Republican Party dogma. But many people still harbor weakly extended glimmers of hope Boehner will come up with the backbone necessary to end his masquerade as Speaker of the House and, not push back, but drive Obama’s golf cart off of the peoples’ throat and get some conservative ideals acted upon. That resolution would feel both satisfying and worthy even though nothing like it has happened recently to suggest this will actually happen.

In the movie The Crying Game, the protagonist and his ally are brought together when the Irish Republican Army’s violent activities were at its peak. Political assassination was the battle plan followed. In a major twist the protagonist, having fallen in love with his ally finds while at the cusp of sexual involvement, he’s fallen for a transgender (male/female) person. The new knowledge revolts him.

For Conservatives, Boehner’s lack of conservative performance is a lot like when Fergus (the protagonist) knelt before his soon-to-be paramour and found his lover had a bigger unit than he did. It was eye-opening to say the least. But, rather than leave that particular battlefield, Fergus stays in the fight even though his foundation’s been rocked. Recognizing your personal incompetence sucks.

The necessity to maintain “Dil” (the transgender) as an ally is more akin to Boehner’s performance as Speaker. Where Fergus must survive with “Dil’s” help; Boehner’s position is where he places his most loyalty. Boehner’s confederates are more easily whipped into conformity with his trajectory than to attack, destabilize and outperform Obama and the Democrats.

Boehner’s more interested in protecting his own position than he is in living up to his stated ideals. He may have found his positions ignored by Obama and his administration; but Boehner has merely paid lip-service to Harry Reid’s actions and Nancy Pelosi’s machinations. Much like the movie it’s been a shock to see the lead female (Pelosi) has a bigger set than Boehner. She also has a greater level of political influence and command than Boehner. It’s only through superior numbers in the House Boehner stays in power. He could never be re-selected as Speaker if Pelosi ever got near the gavel again.

Boehner used a heavily tilted position as Speaker to  appear immune to the anguish felt by many conservatives as Obama stomped all over conservatives’ concepts and attempts to develop a fiscally  responsible economic policy. Rather than produce statements he can act on and propel into the national debate, Boehner’s continued kneeling, still shocked at what’s happening and rejecting any reality saying he’s capitulated.

Now, Boehner is edging forward (while metaphorically still on his knees) and hoping to gain control of the situation with no more to offer than platitudes and a sense of faux indignation as Obama and the Democrats pass resolutions and erect political barriers to conservative efforts to defund ObamaCare. This is because Boehner has said he doesn’t want to see the government shut-down. Neither do conservatives.

But, Obama’s the one placed Sequestration in place and Boehner and his supplicants refuse to hit Obama in the media and on the streets. Boehner is so worried about what he may lose he’ll sacrifice his principles(?) in favor of protecting his chance to stay on his knees and keep his arguably powerful position as third in line for the presidency, (Ain’t that scary?) Boehner doesn’t know how to make it clear this government shut-down threat would be as a result of Obama’s actions and political manipulations.

The above is recorded fact and Boehner can’t get that point across to the American people. Boehner either needs to get off his knees and get out before he’s pushed into fully involving himself in a politically unnatural performance: embracing Obama and completing the act.

Thanks for listening.

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