Thoughts On This?

It’s the “Help Kickstart World War III” video. It’s intended as comedy.

I just can’t laugh at it. It’s not badly done, and the premise is a pretty good one – namely, making fun of the drone Obama voters who will embrace the most horrifying policies imaginable so long as their Dear Leader is for them – including the very same policies which animated them to oppose his predecessor. Those people certainly deserved to be lampooned, and this lampoons them.

But the whole Syrian situation, and the experience of seeing just how incompetent/empty/morally bereft the political class Obama leads has become – not to mention the manifestation of this country’s decline that it represents, is a bit too unnerving for me. I can’t laugh at it. And I’m struggling to laugh at Obama voters at this point. They deserve the ridicule, but they’re no longer funny.

They’re just pathetic. Self-absorbed, stupid, soulless and pathetic. And in the current circumstances that isn’t very funny.

But I could be wrong. Maybe it’s just the mood I’m in. You guys are welcome to disagree in the comments.

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