Why Shouldn’t The Government Control Much That Happens In Your Life?

Here’s why – because people like this invariably get control of government.

As the recorded call makes clear LBJ was a creep and a rube, and for the sake of capturing the black vote for the Democrat Party “for the next 200 years,” he put us on the path to $17 trillion in debt now PLUS another $70 trillion in unfunded liabilities for the government giveaway programs he created or expanded as part of a “war on poverty.”

This week we got to see just how successful that “war on poverty” has been. John Hinderaker at Power Line offered this yesterday…

The Census Bureau reported today that a record 46.5 million Americans are currently living in poverty, more than at any time in our history. That is fewer people, however, than the 23,116,928 households now receiving food stamps, more than the entire Northeastern United States (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania).

Let’s add one more: during President Obama’s first term, median income of American households dropped by $2,627.

Is this what Barack Obama’s supporters expected when they voted for him in 2008? Record poverty, declining incomes, unprecedented numbers depending on federal poverty programs, millions leaving the labor force in despair? Presumably not. Hey, it’s a good thing he’s so adept at foreign policy! No, wait…

Hinderaker was busy trashing Barack Obama, who is another creep and rube bent on trashing the public fisc for the benefit of Democrat constituency groups, but all Obama has done is to continue and enhance LBJ’s legacy. The mentality is the same.

And it’s a mentality which infects not just leftist Democrats like LBJ and Obama. It infects most politicians of whatever stripe.

Because to seek elected office is to choose to put yourself and your family through a destructive, depressing and humiliating ordeal of public scrutiny at the hands of ruthless and uncouth political opponents – and the reward isn’t the esteem of the public or great riches (at least not above the table) but rather the power to bend your fellow man to your will.

There are people who are not depraved, or creeps or rubes, who seek office under such circumstances. Most of them are True Believers who are committed to an ideology. And this isn’t a threat so long as that ideology is that expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

We have a few of those people in office. But only a few.

Most are creeps and rubes.

And if one is to be governed largely by creeps and rubes, to be governed least is the imperative.

Would you want the moron who can’t order a pair of pants without mentioning his bunghole in a position to dictate how you live your life? Of course not. So why would you choose big government?

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