A Little Announcement From Our Friends At The National Taxpayers’ Union…

We’ve got an event coming up on Thursday of next week that we think some of our friends in New Orleans might get a kick out of. You folks might want to clear your calendars starting about 3:00 in the afternoon…

Please join National Taxpayers Union, The Hayride, and American Voice PAC in New Orleans as we demand that leaders in Washington maintain spending caps, eliminate budget deficits, and end the meteoric rise of our national debt!

We will gather outside Ernst Cafe at 3:30 pm and walk four blocks toward Senator Landrieu’s New Orleans office for a rally and protest. Shortly after, we will head back to Ernst Cafe for free food, beverages, giveaways, and more.

The time is now to get a grip on out-of-control national debt and spending.

Just two years after creating common-sense, bipartisan caps on federal spending, some politicians in Washington, including Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu, are trying to change the law and undo these sensible, bipartisan caps so they can continue to play games with your tax dollars.

The modest spending restraint of 3 cents on the dollar, imposed by the Budget Control Act of 2011, is an important step in reining in our nation’s out of control spending. So far, the sequester has been a success, with federal expenditures falling two years in a row – the first time since the end of the Korean War. Make your voice heard on October 17. Let’s tell Senator Landrieu, President Obama, and the rest of Washington to Keep the Caps!

To learn more, please visit NTU.org.

Sign up for the action at EventBrite here.

Yes, you can dress up as a telephone repairman for the protest if you want to. No, it might not be such a good idea. We’re not sure we’ll have enough bail money to fish you out of jail if they can’t take the joke.

We think this is how you do a protest. There should definitely be drinking afterward.

See you folks on Thursday!



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