Hey, Come Check Out LSU’s Defense’s New Website!

It’s right here.


How ’bout a quote from the coach after that real inspired performance? Y’all interested?

” I did a piss poor job of preparing this team. This one is on me.”

Naw, huh? Captain Obvious, I presume?

Remember all that business about hammers and nails from last week? Yeah, that was terrific stuff. This week, the nails are in his head.

Good thing the Saints are off this week. There ain’t gonna be any more on my uncle T-Rowe’s TV any time soon. He just took a chainsaw to his flat-screen after the kid kicked that field goal. T-Rowe can’t handle losin’ to any kind of Ole Miss, and that’s bad for him – because the two worst things in North America are Obamacare and the way LSU plays against Ole Freakin’ Miss every year.

And it matters now, ’cause that poopsicle Les’ team just dropped on that field means ain’t gonna be no championship no how this year. No joy atall.

What kinda team Jo-Jo’s got? It’s hoop season soon, ain’t it?

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