Dennis Miller: If Obamacare Means You Have To Fire Somebody, Fire An Obama Voter

The Huffington Post had this first, and they’re nuclear about it. Which calls part of Miller’s position into question.

Not really.

Miller’s being facetious here when he says “They’re patriots, they’ll understand.” He’s not, however, being facetious when he says that the people who supported Obama and Obamacare should be the ones who suffer most from the bad economic effects of the policies they voted to inflict on the country – he’s just voicing a sentiment that millions of people who look kindly upon the idea of consequence and accountability share.

Why should someone who knew what damage Obama’s policies would do to their employer and the economy at large, and voted according to that knowledge, have to suffer the economic consequences of that damage while someone who was either ignorant of or insensitive to the effect of those policies to their employer and others like it does not?

We’re not talking here about firing Obama supporters out of partisan pique. We’re talking about situations where downsizing is necessary as a direct consequence of Obamacare or other destructive policies. In the case of those, and where the harm was foreseeable, voting isn’t the private matter we usually consider it to be. If your boss knows that you went into the ballot box and did something that would hurt his company financially, it’s not really all that different than if you raided the office supply closet to hook your kid up with pens and notebooks. And if you do the latter, it’s not inconceivable that you might get fired. Why should it be so inconceivable in the former case?

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