SARGE: Gangrenous Old Politicians

I’m regularly mistaken as a member of the Republican Party. I’m not. I have too much re-established self-respect to declare myself incompetent, inarticulate and impotent to hang myself with such a moniker. The other evening, while enjoying the company of gentlemen more in alignment with Sam Adams than Ansel (the iconic American recorded America’s majesty as a body of photographic work) something became understood. Things will have to get ugly before anybody really pays attention. This is an allusion to the fact Lady Liberty’s beauty may have to be mussed in order to save her from the abusive activity Democrats regularly display.

My associates and I want Lady Liberty to be known by her natural beauty. That smooth and blemish free beauty was epitomized in the language recorded in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The make-up of those documents never concealed the exquisite nature of Liberty’s countenance; they accentuated it.

The Parade of Clowns, spilling from the interior of the governmental clown car like a major dose of Montezuma’s Revenge, are painting the heavy rouge of embarrassment across Liberty’s cheeks. Democrats don’t spread this filth across Liberty’s face with a trowel. It’s done with clay-sculpting tools rather than the hammers and chisels used to hew the shapes from the hardened exterior of granite or marble. The act is soft, and directed purposefully to hide blemishes of thought and intent. The goal is to conceal the flaws. It’s done with a virtuosity of technique and specialized professional development to assure the job looks right.

Democrats sculpt words. They deftly manipulate thought. They deliberately direct people’s concepts of how and where society should walk. They compel the nation toward accepting (without thought) the reactive whim of government as opposed to the will of the people. Democrats display more of a Madison Avenue mentality displayed in the TV opus, “Madmen©”. The goal is to sell the product no matter how bad the product may be for your health overall.

Sculpting words is a talent honed over the years. Psychology decides how words are used. Pavlov proved you can condition animals to behave with the use of certain stimulation. Dogs salivate when their conditioning is activated; people vote based on what they’ve been told for years. Their reactions are pre-conditioned according to what rhetoric indicates they should comply with. None of this requires truth. It requires speech, action and a consistent delivery of message. Democrats stay metaphorically “en pointe” and ideologically on-point. One is a matter of technique, the other a matter of foundational belief.

Republicans can’t figure out the point. The GOP was once described as the Grand Old Party. Now, as Boehner, Cantor, McCain and Lindsey Graham are showing us, GOP now stands for Gangrenous Old Politicians. They just can’t seem to get it together when addressing the opposition’s drive to Socialize America. They can’t express themselves honestly. Maybe the Republicans need to stop working with the clay and start sculpting the granite and marble with the hammers and chisels of truth and fact.

Republicans are hung up on “presence”, “ethics” and “civility”. This is political war. Democrats know this. There’s nothing “civil” about it or the way we should conduct a war of this magnitude. The fate of America is in the balance.

19th (and early 20th) century politicians risked being personally, physically attacked with rotted fruit, decaying vegetables and bovine/equine feces. (I purposely verbally sculpted to prevent offense to the allusion of getting pelted with Horse and Cow s#it.) Since then, politicians have crafted the verbiage of law to save themselves. They suffer no personal consequences when caught “prevaricating”, “misstating”, “fudging” or “being disingenuous”. The Republicans are either too impotently cowed or they’re too stupid to call a lie what it is; a lie.

Republicans demand Democrats play by the same rules the Republicans hide behind. If the words used had the sharpened edge of truth not dulled by the guarded fear of receiving criticism-in-kind, conservatives might gain representation in government as opposed to weak-kneed, limp biscuits claiming outrage for being walked on in public and the press.

If the Republicans would get off of their knees and stop paying lip-service to the Democrats in general (and Obama and Harry Reid specifically) people might better understand what Conservatives have to say and what they want.

It’s hard to be understood when your mouth’s full.

Thanks for listening.



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