The Anti-Obamacare Letter That’s Going Viral Today

We found this at The Blaze, but it’s all over Facebook – particularly after Dennis Prager, on whose Facebook page it originally appeared, read it on his radio show earlier this week.

One problem Republicans have a real problem shaking is an emotion deficit in their messaging. Democrats are really, really good at coughing up anecdotal, heart-rending tales about how tough the lives of their constituents are and how the government needs to help them or they’ll die. It’s government-by-sob-story, and it’s a recipe for economic ruin – but it sure does sell well to the hooples. On the other hand the GOP presents a lot of intellectually solid arguments which just don’t move anybody’s feelings and emotions.

Once in a while, though, the brutality and emptiness of the Left’s policies show up in a way that transcends the spin. And Ashley Dionne’s message to Prager is a pretty good example…

Yesterday Rush Limbaugh did a rather long thing on how American liberalism changed after JFK was shot – there’s a new book out on that subject by James Piereson, who’s one of our heroes – and how post-JFK liberalism went from an optimistic, patriotic political philosophy to one that’s much darker. The word Limbaugh used, which he got from Piereson, was “punitive liberalism.”

Well, Obamacare is the best example – and there are many examples – of “punitive liberalism.” Ashley Dionne can tell you about that.

Oh, by the way – Oscar suggested this…

obama punisher

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