The NBC Poll The GOP Freaked Out Over Had An Interesting Sample…

Specifically, they oversampled government workers by about 150 percent.

A tweet…


Bryan Preston at PJ Media checked that statement out and found it to be on the mark…

It’s true. Here is the complete poll with the sample, the questions, etc. On the very last page we get the breakdown of where the 800 respondents work.


Preston also notes that the party ID of the poll is 45-32 Democrat and by a 44-35 count the sample voted for Barack Obama over Mitt Romney.

The poll pegged approval for the Republican Party at just 24 percent and blames Republicans for the shutdown by a 53-31 margin over Obama. Ever since it was released the narrative has been that the shutdown is a political rout for the GOP, which is a nonsensical conclusion while the fight is ongoing.



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