The Latest From The 5th District Race

First, Neil Riser has a new ad up…

We like this one better than the last one, though taken in tandem someone might conclude that the reason for the conspicuous absence of a dog in his first ad is he shot the dog. It’s likely his opponents will pick up on that and accuse him of eating dogs like Obama does. That’s exactly the kind of goofy stuff which is all but inevitable in a race like this where all the candidates with a real chance to win are similar in ideology.

But we digress.

Riser’s competitor Clyde Holloway also has a new ad up…

Naturally, Holloway has Republican opponents who are picking the ad apart and howling about it. His 100 percent score from the ACU, for example, was only for one year out of the six he spent in Congress – his career ACU score was a 93.6. And we’re told by folks in a competing Republican campaign that there is no record of him authoring bills for voluntary prayer in public schools or improving veterans’ benefits. The guess is we’ll likely hear more about that over the next 12 days.

Meanwhile, Jay Morris has an ad up that actually calls for congressional term limits, which is a bit unusual…

Morris, meanwhile, loaned his campaign $295,000 in September and raised another $224,000 or so, spending all but about $188,000 going into Monday of last week. The government shutdown apparently has slowed down the FEC’s reporting of campaign finances, so we don’t have an accounting of who has raised and spent what on the race to date.

On the Democrat side, the two candidates who seem to have the best chance of making a runoff – Monroe mayor Jamie Mayo and Alexandria state senator Robert Johnson – don’t appear to be running very vigorous campaigns. Johnson has a YouTube page which only contains a video of his announcement speech from over a month ago, and Mayo has none. Neither have done much in the way of newsmaking during the campaign either.

Democrat state rep Marcus Hunter is a bit savvier with respect to social media, which seems smart given that none of the Dems look like they’ve raised any money to do more traditional media so far, but one might question how much of his messaging would get far with the general electorate in the 5th District. The material below is aimed at getting into the runoff, though…

PPACA, ACA, Obamacare, or whatsoever you want to call it will stand. It went through all 3 branches if government. It cannot and should not be compared to slavery, prohibition, or voting rights. (Or any other ridiculous and/or shameful part of American history)

How some detached politicians think:
Shutting government down doesn’t hurt “government.” They, for the most part, are well insulated from day to day affairs of the people whom they have been entrusted to represent.

So friends, associates, or “anonymous” hard working people who are furloughed, lose jobs, or can’t keep job because of illness or caring for another family member without insurance is of little to no consequence to someone wanting to follow the ravenous pack and further there attempts to be a career politician.

They desire pats on the back & shallow awards & recognition for standing for “good, clean, conservative, Christian American values.”

Hunter goes on in a rant about politicians. Of which he is one.

What apparently set him off was a Facebook post by Republican state Rep. Alan Seabaugh about the government shutdown which read as follows (the guess is most of our readers would find Seabaugh has a better handle on what’s going on in Congress than his colleague who’s actually running for a seat)…

I have been hearing a lot of complaints about what’s going on in Washington. Comments like “why can’t they represent us correctly? Why can’t they all get along? Why can’t Republicans just accept that Obamacare is the law?” Well, so was slavery and later segregation. Were Republicans wrong to keep fighting to overturn them?

A lot of people are totally missing the point. Our government was created in such a way that gives us a balance of powers. The struggles that you see are the “powers” trying to win. That is exactly what you sent your representative to Washington to do: to stand up and fight for you. Being in Washington is not easy, everything is a fight. Because that’s the way our government was designed. If they stopped fighting there would be no balance of powers. It would be a little like that scene in the movie “Animal House” where a pledge is bent over being spanked repeating “thank you sir may I have another? thank you sir may I have another?”

The debate that you see going on in Washington is what you sent them there to do. Did YOU vote for a candidate you felt would be most willing to compromise their values? I think not. Everything is hard to pass in Washington because if it was easy our country could be taken over easily.

Frankly, most people that have a problem with “fighting” in Washington have no idea why these issues are so important. They just want the noise to stop because it’s forcing them to listen to people talk about politics and they don’t enjoy it. Just remember, you sent these representatives to Washington to make racket on your behalf and that’s exactly what’s happening.

We’ll see what the next round of activity brings, and who ultimately gets into the runoff for the seat. Most think Riser has one of those seats locked up; whether Holloway or Morris or Mayo or Johnson gets the other spot we won’t know for a little less than 12 days.



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