VIDEO: 60 Minutes’ Benghazi History Lesson

This is some pretty damning stuff, and it paints the Obama administration and its former Secretary of State – who are not mentioned by name, so nobody can accuse Lara Logan of some sort of partisan attack in delivering this report – in the worst possible light.

There isn’t a lot we don’t already know here. It just proves that (1) the responsible parties within the administration had every warning that its mission in Benghazi had been targeted by al Qaeda; (2) despite those warnings the administration didn’t lift a finger to provide security for a diplomatic mission in a city without a large degree of diplomatic importance (we still don’t know why it was necessary for our ambassador to be there when he was under such threats, though it’s almost certain we were engaged in arms trade of some kind); and (3) when what was clearly coming finally showed up on our doorstep in Benghazi, the decision was made to abandon the people we sent there – and after losing two Americans at the mission in Benghazi we lost two others at the CIA annex.

Four dead Americans, zero accountability within the administration more than a year later. It’s unfortunate 60 Minutes couldn’t have delivered this report this time last year – better late than never, we guess…

By the way, the woman who was the Secretary of State at the time – the woman who told the relatives of one of the dead the Benghazi attack was about some YouTube making fun of Mohammed – is running for President. And there are people who would have you believe her victory in 2016 is “inevitable.”


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