We Also Have Donna Brazile…

Here’s the latest fundraising e-mail the Democrats are putting out to their crowd, starring our favorite Louisiana leftist of dubious sexual orientation…

Donna Brazile
Oct 10 at 10:46 AM
Deborah —

It’s football season, and being from Louisiana, I’m proud of my New Orleans Saints. Politics isn’t football — or it shouldn’t be — but Congress could sure learn a lot from the Saints.

The Saints are 5-0 after a big win last weekend, and boy are they fun to watch. It’s because everyone on the team does their job and works together — our quarterback throws the right passes, the receivers make the tough catches, the defense steps up to make big plays.

But what if the Saints were like Congress? What if the kicker would only kick the extra points if he got to score the touchdowns? What if the linebackers refused to make tackles unless the coaches let them play running back? What if Drew Brees threatened to throw interceptions unless he got to call the plays on defense?

I’ll tell you one thing — it wouldn’t be pretty to watch, and we wouldn’t be 5-0.

Congress is supposed to come to Washington to pass a budget, and to keep the federal government running. But Republicans in the House seem to have forgotten that, and they won’t let the federal government operate until they get their way on Obamacare.

That’s not how this country is supposed to work.

Call on Speaker Boehner and his Republican colleagues to vote to end the government shutdown today:



Donna Brazile

That’s how the shutdown is being sold.

Meanwhile, the GOP is negotiating against itself in an effort to end the shutdown. It has given up on defunding or delaying Obamacare, and what we’re talking about now is that the Obama regime is demanding an end to the sequester.

And also meanwhile, the Treasury is now threatening to voluntarily take the country into default if the debt ceiling isn’t raised – which is what Jack Lew is doing. When he says that all federal programs must be paid for or it’s a default, he’s threatening to default on the debt.

That’s like saying that if you don’t have enough money to eat at restaurants, it’s OK not to pay your mortgage so that you can still have a steak at Ruth’s Chris every Friday. Lew refuses to agree that government spending must be prioritized.

And Brazile brings us stupid football analogies in order to siphon cash from rube Democrat donors.

We are in a lot of trouble as a country. A whole lot of trouble.



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