WHAT ABOUT YOUR GAFFES, MR. PRESIDENT? Obama Comes Out For Union-Busting

This is probably the dumbest thing a president of the United States has ever said, and if it doesn’t create a permanent split between President Barack Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho Obama and the unions, nothing will.

Before you scoff at that, listen to what this damn fool just said…

“If I don’t get what I want I’m going to shut this whole place down” sounds like what to you?

Let’s ask Brit Hume. He’s got an idea…

Understand what this clown just did. He gave a speech trying to bash the Republican majority in the House for refusing to fund his disaster of a health insurance scheme, and in doing so he (1) characterized it as a strike, something we’ve been suggesting is a great way for the GOP to message the shutdown to get their own point across, and then (2) delegitimized the entire concept of workers going on strike.

This from a president who is more in bed with the unions than any other in modern history. There may never have been a president more in thrall to the unions than Obama. In 2008, they raised somewhere between $200 million and $400 million for his campaign – potentially enough to match what John McCain raised, period. And in 2012, though we couldn’t find any estimated totals, the numbers look pretty similar.

In fact, since Obama began running for president, it looks like the unions have spent well over a billion dollars to help him get elected and re-elected and to help his party attempt to hold majorities in the House and Senate.

And this is the thanks he gives them. Suggests that workers can’t be justified in striking for any reason – a position no Republican presidential candidate since perhaps McKinley has held. Even Calvin Coolidge, who came to national prominence by breaking a strike by the Boston police in 1919 as governor of Massachusetts, didn’t express an opinion on private-sector job actions.

Obama just rolled back the clock to the days of the Pinkertons. This is the greatest day for union-busting in the modern history of the Republic.

Ace of Spades pegged this quite well

Granted, he was speaking off the cuff — always an adventure with President Teleprompter Jesus. And yet this completely-counterfactual hypothetical took him a minute of umms and uhhs to compose. That’s a lot of time for someone to realize his little story has crossed the line from the hypothetical to the palpably thetical, and make adjustments.

But not TFG. No, this guy just bulls on through, as usual, no matter how many stupid mistakes he’s made.

There’s nothing more dangerous than the Egotistical Idiot whose personality dysfunctions effectively hide his incompetence from himself. Such a man will make mistake after mistake after mistake, and will never learn a damn thing from it, because his Ego will just keep telling him, “You’re the best.”

Here’s an interesting bit about this, too – in case you might think the unions will just let this slide and it’s no big deal.

Obama gave this strike-breaking spellbinder at a NON-UNION construction company in Maryland, which is most definitely NOT a Right To Work state. M Luis Construction is a fairly serious Democrat donor, which is obviously why Obama showed up at their place in Rockville, but they’re not a union shop.

So the President of the United States, who has been the recipient of a billion dollars of union largesse, goes to a non-union construction company and says workers who walk off the job in pursuance of demands they might have ought to be fired.

And he gets cheered for saying it at that non-union construction company.

A billion dollars – and what do you get? Besides an Obamacare waiver, that is. You get a repudiation of your most effective negotiating tactic.

We think it’s hilarious. The guess is the Trumkas and Hoffas of the world will be less amused.



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